robert baker

just reported on the fan 590 argos released wr robert baker

The release of Robert Baker by the Argos has also been reported by

He's a talented receiver. Good news for the Ticat D going into this weekend's clash.

Let the "let's sign him" threads begin!

Good riddance. It's about time. What a headcase. Talented but not worth it. Looks like the double blue is finally making some necessary changes and sending a message to the team.

Should be a good game this weekend, my 1st at Ivor Whine Stadium.

An Argo fan

Good move all right.
Should of happened last year when he and Pre had a fight....well maybe.

The Argos signed a Canadian reciever today as well,sorry can't recall his name ,but I read it on their site.

Most likely they'll go with a non import reciever now and maybe add a O lineman import to improve things there?

im not sure who the new receiver is but he played for the argos before and was released by dallas this week
sorry it was db byron parker my mistake

Byron Parker #28
Defensive Back
6’1?, 196 lbs.
Born: March 7, 1981
Madisonville, Kentucky
2nd Year Argo / 2nd Year CFL

Byron Parker was released by Dallas ,he's a db.

The non import reciever is from Alberta and has been on a few teams including the Cats

Chad Rempel is the name of the non-import receiver signed by the Argos. He attended Ticat training camp in 2005 and scored a touchdown against the Argos in a pre-season game. He was released by the Ticats and spent part of the 2005 season with the Blue Bombers.

Baker was awesome when he just played football . I remember a game when he caught a pass put his head down and just ran over the guy trying to tackle him . I beileive it was against Montreal . The guy had to be taken off the field .

He would be a great reciever in the red zone if he could get his head together !!!!!

Montford then Baker... It's raining football players this long weekend.

There is a game and I believe it is the 9th game that players on a roster after this game have to be payed thier whole salary regardless of what happens .Does anyone else know anything about this ??

And I am added them all to my touch football team.

I Predict the ticats will sign Robert Baker unless BC or Winnipeg beats them to it. Robert Baker being cut by Toronto opens the door for Craig yeast to become an Argo. Just you wait and see

Me thinks it would be a big mistake to sign Baker. I don’t care how much talent he has, if he can’t get along with his team mates he’s detrimental to the club. When he punched his own player on the sidelines last year he showed what kind of a team player he was. If he couldn’t cut it with Pinball he sure isn’t going to be successful anywhere else. We certainly don’t need his BS here in Hamilton…no matter how good he is. :cowboy:

We have a better receiver than him already that we have languishing on the sideline too often -- Corey Holmes!

Oski Wee Wee,

Where Lacking a True #1 WR

DJ and Terry are #2 Guys IMO

Our other WR are Bit Players

Wow, Onknight, i've been thinking that all season long.

we don't have a true #1 guy (IMO) we've got a bunch of guys that are really good #2's (Vaughan, DJ possibly Ralph. list previously included Yeast) and #3's (Peterson, maybe Ralph, Quinnie Morreale).

This is fine and it works well enough because there is less of a drop off from receiver to receiver (ie one good cover man can't take out the team as is the case if you can 'take out' stegall, Geroy, Lewis etc etc...) but not really a REAL gamebreaker/controller among them.

Oh, and was that Canadian Receiver Chad Rempel? I think i heard something about that on the Fan590 the other day. (at about 7 in the morning after a night shift, so cut me some slack if it ain't completely accurate)

Have to agree with Buckwheat. Would be a mistake to go after Baker. Like Yeast , I think he would be a cancer in the locker room. We have great receivers as it is. Once we get our running game established, our receivers will be able to perform as predicted . :wink:

I think Baker and Yeast should start their own team.

And only as I'm writing this do I realize how truly funny that would be. They could be called "the breads" or something like that.