Robert Baker to sign with the Bombers?

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the Argos have cut wide receiver Robert Baker after he missed his second consecutive practice yesterday.

The wide receiver had been benched by Clemons for the first half of the Argos' 31-7 loss to the Montreal Alouettes last Thursday as a disciplinary measure.

Baker is in his third year with the team out of Auburn University before stopovers in the NFL with Miami, Denver and Minnesota.

There was a report out of Winnipeg yesterday that Baker was ready to sign for the remainder of the season with the Blue Bombers.

In six games with Toronto this year, Baker had 22 receptions for 217 yards.

Argos general manager Adam Rita said yesterday Baker seemed to have trouble fitting into the offensive system this season.

"We hope he can catch on with another team," Rita said. "He just wasn't going to work out here."

Way, way too much of a head case it seemed to me.

i like baker. good pick up for the bombers, if it happens.

When do you figure he'll throw his first punch, and at whom?


Apparently, the issue with Baker was that he missed a positional meeting. Still, irrespective of his attitude problems, I think it's a good pick-up for the Bombers. With Stegall perhaps gone until September, the current slotbacks don't really scare anybody.

You have Thurman, Franklin, McCord, Ray, and Albert Johnson ( who rarely gets offensive snaps). Baker is an instant upgrade in terms of talent.

Nothing new in todays papers about Baker, that leads me to believe that the Bombers may take a pass on him. That and Scrotie Anderson has looked good in practice this week.

The moment he was cut, I wanted the Riders to pick him up. Not that our slots are that bad, but Baker would be a good aquisition. He's a good player and they don't come on the market all that often. . .
Can you put something in his contract that says he gets pay cuts for behaviour issues?

....I hear Taman is talking to Maurice Clarett's agent today as well.....

Troy Westwood!

Wheres a bookie when you need one! :wink:

Hell, that's one fight I'd pay to see: Baker vs. Westwood. I'd say Banjo Boy in the 2nd round. :lol:

Banjo boy down with one punch! :lol:

....Baker threw a big left hook at Prefontaine and shook him up...and Noel isn't exactly a push-over...if Robert ever landed one of those on Troy.....Westwoods head might travel as far as some of his punts...Baker has a hair-trigger temper....if he can control it ....he can be an asset...if he dosen't ...and the coaching staff has have a problem....Don't know if Bombers will take a chance on him...Taman says he isn't interested in him for now....according to the papers.... i don't think there will be a later for this guy....somebody will scoop him... :roll:

i wish taman would sign him. imagine having baker and stegal as our slots. we need a good number 2 reciever.

...agree James....Bakers not afraid to take a shot going up the middle either..matter of fact he deals em out as good as he gets them....i just worry about the guy coming in and screwing around with team far as worries.. :rockin:

yeah, he could be a problem in the locker room. but he blocks extremely well to, may be just what charlie needs to break out more bigs ones

...i gotta hunch we'll see him in blueandgold ..james....and if it happens ....i hope it works out...goBigBlue

"Once a bad apple..." :oops:

Yup Taman loves cast offs from other teams!
That see he got Scrotie Anderson and yes Baker just might fit in there! Great recruiting that man is yup! :lol:

Winnipeg signs Baker as a bargaining tool to try and acquire Printers CFL rights!
Just kidding but in the CFL you never know!!!

Are you related to 514MTL?