Robert Baker suspended 1 game

seems about right to me!

…he’s lucky he still has a job…

So what actually happen anyway? I was away for all of this, all i heard is he got spit on by a team mate? What about the guy who punched the other fella in the balls, whats he gonna get?

lol I think you mixed up all the info

He alleges that a Calgary Stampeder spit on him, and he went off, trying to fight the stampeder while Argos held him back.

They sent him off, too the sideline, and he was still steaming.

Noel Prefontaine, pissed that Baker was being undisiplined, started telling him off and getting in Baker’s face, which set Baker off more, and while the team tried to separate the two, Baker threw a haymaker left hook that bloodied Noel’s mouth, minutes before he went out to kick a convert.

Was pretty disgusting, but funny because it was the Argos, who pride themselves on being so close as a team.

Ahh yeah i had that all wrong, my brother filled me in, thanks for clearing that up!

Pinball got a good head on his shoulders. It was cool that he dished out some community service and apologies as a part of the punishment - classy. Go Pinball!

Neither incident was good for the game . It’s a phisical game and I think that emotions got out of hand for both players .I know if somebody spit in my face i would be upset in the other incedent the other player seemed to hold him on the ground after the play ended ,This in no way jusifies their actions but both players probaly regret their actions

…why the apology to the Stampeders?..I could see an apology to the fans and his teammates being in order, but a telephone apology to Ted (majority owner of the Stamps) ?’s not like he broke a living room lamp or dropped a full glass of red wine on the carpet…

I think the point is he’s appologizing to Calgary’s fans through the President

…geez, I was so offended two argos were fighting…not…

did Prefontaine recieve anything for said altercation…if not and I were Mr. Baker I would be slightly po’d…both players took part …maybe one to a lesser extent…but c;mon fair is fair…methinks Bakers tenure in TO. maybe rapidly be drawing to a close… :!:

…but Noel is like a captain or something so although his timing for berating Bkaer wasn’t exceptionally good he is in his right to do so…

captain ain’t coach…I think he should have let Pinball handle the situation right from the start…that would have avoided the left hook…the whole thing was avoidable and Prefontaine’s action only made it worse …but Baker will wear it all…I can’t see Noel and Baker playing on the same team for too much longer… :!:

Toronto should trade Prefontaine for his actions. Maybe they could get Paul McCallum for him :slight_smile:

Baker just needs to sit out a game, good call by PinBall

Prefontaine is an idiot. Can’t believe he had the nerve to get in Baker’s face like that. What was he expecting from Baker for doing that. I would have popped Prefontaine in the mouth too. Let the guy cool down and then go have a word with him.

good call…and NOEL took a swing a Baker…