Robert Baker? Say it ain't so!

CFL Fines Baker for Pushing Camera Man

The incident came last week during Toronto's pre-season contest against visiting Hamilton last Friday.

Baker, objecting to the presence of a handheld camera in his vicinity, aggressively pushed the camera and as a result, its operator aside.

What is this world coming to? Who would have ever guessed that Robert Baker could be prone to random acts of violence? Who could have ever predicted that the Argos would welcome an individual of questionable character to their team?

isnt he an NFL cast off!!!!!!!!!!!!!typical ARGO player.Im sure thats not the only problem to come out of toronto this year............

Here's an unrelated question: Is it considered libelous to refer to someone as a convicted cocaine dealer, when, as it turns out, they really are a convicted cocaine dealer?

iF THE Cops raided the ARGOS dressing room at haf-time,would toronto have enough players left to continue the game?

geez..the next thing you know the argos will be beating up locker room security guards or throwing helmets in the crowd

When Baker started his sideline rampage last week, anyone think Prefontaine got a little bit scared?

Robert Baker the black eye maker. :twisted:

And the Argo's are worried about the Hamilton fans?

Robert Baker has now...

  1. Thrown a helmet and struck a fan.

  2. Punched a teammate in the face (I was at that game!)

  3. Pushed a camera man.

The CFL had better come down hard on this douche bag.

Im pretty sure the helmet incident was Levingston... who oddly enough many fans wanted on this team this offseason.

And therein lies the difference between this type of individual and a person like Ricky Williams.

Ricky Williams is of very good character.

Baker called some guy an SOB a couple seats behind me tonight

Ooops. Baker didn't throw the helmet... but he did punch a teammate on the sidelines and pushed a camera man.

Only if they have been placed in a "Witness Protection Program"

or I am in deep trouble.

hes brutal, we sat in box h and he was chirpin the whole game to our fans, becuz hes cool right, he was callin us hamiltonians hicks and bums, askin us if we wanted some spair change, i dispise of him and that whole franchise.

Well, all Argo-hating aside, the Argonauts as a whole are not like Robert Baker. True, Baker is a prt of the team, but the rest of the team isn't even close to the lunacy of this man. He has a temper that needs to be extinguished before he gets released (and probably will eventually).