Robert Baker retires!!

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Robert Baker, known as the "touchdown maker" in football circles, is hoping to gain a new nickname in the music industry: the "hit maker." Baker, who recently signed with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers after being released by the Toronto Argonauts, announced yesterday he was retiring from football to focus on his music career. Baker, who is known as Shake Severs in the music industry, said the decision to retire was an easy one. "I would like to say this is a difficult decision, but it isn't," the Gainesville, Fla., native said in a statement. "Music has always been my first love and priority." Baker's musical collaboration with Canadian band The Sea Inside, It's Critical, was used by CBC as an introduction to last year's Eastern Conference Final.


Once again, our residential Marty York wannabe, McMahon, gets scooped again. :lol:

Man, I'd be pissed if I was the guy in Winterpeg that signed the bastard.

Good! He doesn't belong in the CFL!

Not ...Robert Baker...
He means so much to this league... :wink:

If the league wants someone out they should just ask Taman to sign him :slight_smile:

Taman really is impressive. I can't explain how he achieved so many near signings over the years. It reminds me of that antiperspirant ad where a guy roams alone in a world of ladies: "If you smell, it wouldn't matter if you were the last general manager on Earth..."