I Have Figured out why the ti-cats get so many penalties the refs actually call penalties on them that they consistently let slide on the other team like holding penalties the EDM offensive line was consistently holding high on ticat defenders No FLAG and the pass interference that should have been called on the last pass of the game that was a PENALTY i love the CFL Game but something has to be done about the refs thats 2 games the there was a penalty on the opposing team that the refs chose to ignore resulting in losses in 2 very close games...

Edmonton definitely got away with some today that had a direct bearing on the outcome; that's sad.

It is almost like the officials don't expect Hamilton to win, so in key moments they make calls. That call on Armour was manure. TRhat no call on Gass collaring Maas was identical. The no call on Morgan was crap and Khari said so repeatedly.

That is the second game (B.C.) where unbiased commentators note how a call cost us the game.

The call on Armour and the lack of a spearing call on the hit on Ralph were two that irked me today. The Armour call may have been the difference in an otherwise well played and fought out game between both teams.

I gotta ask... Did we get robbed when Bauman dropped a potential game winning catch?

no= that drop was just bad coaching . . .


my thoughts exactly!

I'll tell ya. As soon as I saw who the ref was during the coin toss, I turned to the person sitting next to me and said the Eskimos have won this game.

and THAT is a sad state of affairs!!!

Wasn’t bad coaching…but he’d have caught it if Chang had thrown the pass…

Actually it’s the third game out of seven where the commentators of both networks have suggested that the officiating robbed the Cats ‘of the opportunity’ to win the game. They are BC, Montreal and Edmonton respectively.

Three out of seven should be a cause for concern with the CFL.

Yeah, definetly the B.C. game and the Edmonton game the referees have made dismily bad calls late in the game that cost us the game. Same thing with Montreal, but less blatant. In all cases though the commentators have made note of this.

What really bothers me is how the commentators will call the cheating a “veteran move”. Its not a veteran move, they got away with breaking the rules is what it is!

I’m beginning to think that the CFL isn’t going to give two hoots what Bob Young or the president or GM of the club says. They can just write it off as losers “whining”. I’m starting to think if the referee situation is going to be adressed properly its going to have to come from the grassroots, the fans themselves that support the CFL.

We have been screwed over too many times this season already, its got to stop, something needs to be done.

sit down!!! Maas had a great game.

those last two balls he dropped shoulda been caught!!!

Bauman is young, he made a mistake, he is gonna be great and will rebound.
Maas went right back to him after the first drop, and that says a lot.

Chang can’t throw that far down field!!!

Drop the Mass comments and if you can’t…take your ball and go home!

In 1993, after 41 years of family ownership, we abandoned our season tickets to the Ticats' games. The two most pressing reasons for that, equally rated, were the refusal of the CFL to lift blackouts of playoff games and the abysmal officiating that more often than not dictated the outcomes of games.

The first problem was eventually solved as the CFL figured out that season ticket holders who were not going to be permitted to see the playoff games were going to pass on paying to see eight of the first 16 (then).

The CFL has not solved the second problem. My family rejoined the Ticat season ticket gang three years ago. I'll not be renewing. The interference call in the BC game, and the lack of a call on the last offensive play last night are the straws that break this camel's back. They sit atop a mountain of officiating errors this season so egregious they smack of dishonesty. Given soccer in Italy and Basketball in the States, that comment may not be so far fetched.

But I pay to see players play and officials officiate according to the rules. Ignoring numerous infractions on one side and calling the letter of the law on the other, spiced with frequent "phantom" calls like the one on Armour last night (who CLEARLY did NOT have his hand on that guy's helmet) have done it for me. The CFL has always been, and certainly still is, a bush league with dunderheads running the head office and incompetent part timers running confusedly on the field. I have better things to spend my money on, and better things to do with my time. I'm done with the Ticats and the CFL.

The officials were great last night. I watch the CFL so I can see the refs make those fantastic calls.
I'm seriously considering giving up on the CFL after 30yrs, if they don't address the problem with the officiating.



(and NO, this is not being sarcastic…Marcel done good!)

The CFL is trying to market itself in the US market and that wont happen until they clean up the officiating.
'Cats get cheated the most, but all the teams suffer from poor and inconsistant calls.

Not sure if this is directed at me but since im quoted…

Who’s “ON BAUMAN’S A**??” Certainly not me, and nobody else above for that matter. The title of this thread is “ROBBED” and im simply making the point that Chris dropped the ball at a brutal time, so dont blame the officials for that. We werent robbed by any stretch. We were victim of a rookie player choking when the game is on the line. It’s expected and he’ll get better im sure.

maybe the cfl is not so far from the WWE as one might think.
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