Its might be a “rule” but its still a “bad call”, as when the zebra signals “touchdown” two yards in advance, and blows the whistle to stop the play, any attempt to “recover” the ball becomes something like “unsportsmanlike conduct”.

Bottom line is that its a bad rule and a succession of “bad calls” by the zebra’s. Of course, they are in zero danger of losing their jobs for this sort of thing, whereas the coaches and players are going to be hung out to dry.

Ok! Just forget the miss call fumble.They scored and we had a chance to have the ball around the ten yard line because the rough riders should of been called for interferance!It very tragic and very sad the ticats cant be treated the same by the corrupt refs in this league!

Stop complaining about the refs. Your offensive line had a billion missed holding calls that were blatantly obvious, but you don't hear any of your fans talking about that. There were missed calls everywhere. It happens. Deal with it.

Wow, you just used holding calls as something that compares to losing a game. Holding, a penalty that can be called on any play. It’s a matter of WHEN the missed calls occur.

I just watched it again, frame by frame, onside. We might have to go to court to settle this one.

Uh, no I was comparing it to the “pass interference”. There should have been a holding call on the one bomb by Printers that was 2nd and 21 which would have stopped the Cats dead in their tracks.

You call it a joke because it did not benifet your team and thats fine! Bottom line…it is the rule

Are you refering to the fumble play?
There is noone even close to being offside on that play.

Here you can see the ball is on the LOS

It has been snapped here and no one is offside

The Hamilton player should have made the tackle on about the 10 yard line,he was close enough.If he dove at the Saskatchewan player,he could have made the tackle.Instead he went for the strip.Don’t know if it would have made much of a differance in the end.Correct me if I’m wrong,but shouldn’t you secure the tackle with say,your left hand and then try and punch the ball out with your right hand.Isn’t it better to make sure you make the tackle first.Thats what I would think anyway.

Ro, this is getting Zapruder-film like! LMAO :wink:

There are two receivers out-of-frame in your clips there (the last one you can barely see the helmet of the tailback -- Dressler?). So...the mystery continues. :smiley:

BTW: receivers are so offside so often in this league, I don't sweat the general 1-1.5 yard grace rule they are given. It's when they are 3 yards or more offsides that I go ballistic.

Oski Wee Wee,

Yes he prob should have but SSK would have the ball inside the 10 and they would have had a very easy field goal for the win

We wouldn't even have to discuss this if Dressler hadn't pulled his hammy on that run...


Dude, don’t patronize us ok?

Bradley did well to chase Dressler down. He was well inside the 10 yard line, almost to the goal line and didn't have time to do anything other than what he did. If he went for the tackle, Dressler would've been over the goal line. I don't blame Bradley at all on this play.

Now how Dressler went up the middle at that crucial stage of the game is another matter. :frowning: That should NEVER have happened.

An Argo-Cat fan

Bradley deserves a Don Beebe Hustle Award for his near heroics against Dressler, albeit that Dressler was not Nate Newtoning it hot-dog style as nate did on that Super Bowl play.

Oski Wee Wee,

how is the rule bush league? Is it diffrent from the NFL yes but I say the fair catch rule is bush league. Also if you want to play by NFL rules then the game would have been tied as you would not have gotten 1 point for the missed FG

And there would have been a "too many men on the field" flag for every play...

Yes! This was the call was what really had me fuming!! For some of the chintzy calls they made, that looked like interference to me. Would have put us in great position for the big finish.

Alas…I’m still very pleased with the game and how our boyz performed.

Couple of points...

Re holding. Supposedly can be called on almost every play but isn't for obvious reasons but IIRC, TiCats were nailed at least twice for holding but amazingly, Riders were perfect and not called once (though I do recall seeing some held TiCat jerseys and shoulder pads).

TD that wasn't... blame the official who calls a TD a yard or more before the player crosses the line in possession of the ball.

Like a hockey goal judge who jumps on the red light too soon in anticipation of a goal that is prevented at the last second.

3rd string QB (he played well) and 3rd rate officiating



Good call.

We lose.