I didnt say its a good rule. Its terrible. But it is what it is...

Hard to take a poster with a name like “wesuck” with 1 post after a controversial loss seriously!

The call doesn't p$%s me off as much as the catch and run...what the!.Should have never had happened in the first place!

It’s a rule that only applies to Canada’s darling team, the Riders: “fumbles must be rewarded, and given back to the Green team.” Look it up.

Heres the official rule. Its actually from the 05 rule book but its probably the same.

Article 4
When a player directs the ball, other than by kicking, from the Field of Play
over the opponent’s Goal Line and hence Out of Bounds in the Goal Area
without the ball touching an opponent, it shall be ruled as a fumble Out of
Bounds in the Field of Play, with the ball declared dead at the point where
it was last touched in the Field of Play.

And Dressler was arguably the last person to touch it. Its a tough call.

Finally… good post

Well...I guess I should not mention that the Riders were off-side at the start of the play...LOL
Look at the replay's....
Not that it overturns the outcome, our Cats will get to play these guys again this year...then it will be pay-back time.


sigh, just for argument sake, and say it was a hamilton player that touched it, then it would have been a safety as article 5 says:

"Article 5

When a player fumbles or directs the ball from the field of play into own goal area, where the ball goes out of bounds without possession being gained by either team, a safety touch score shall be awarded. "

And what happens if its a safety?????? The Riders would have the option of taking it on their own 35, letting Hamilton have the ball on their own 35 or letting Hamilton kick off.

Now which do you think the Riders would take? Just maybe they would choice to have possession and run out the clock.

So EVEN IF the refs did not follow the rule regarding fumbles going out of bounds and said it was Hamiltons possession, Hamilton would still lose!!!!

Because we have different rules from the NFL we are bush?
No fair catch makes us bush?
Unlimited backfield makes us bush?

"12 win season" -28

Does the coach have the right to call for a measurement when the referee signals 1st down? The play before the Dressler fumble, the Saskatchewan player went down and from my angle in section 7, it looked like it was extremely close but the referee signalled 1st down right away. The play was on the opposite side from the sticks. If they had called for a measurement it may have been 3rd and inches (which could have changed everything) or at least given the defense time to talk things over.

In the end ...I think we can all agree it was a great, great, game. And our Cats will be a team ' not to be taken lightly ' in 2008.


Dressler actually gets charged with a fumble and credited with a recovery for that play.

You’re making an argument on something entirely different, no fair catch, and unlimited backfield, speeds the game up, and makes it more exciting. Rewarding a team for fumbling the ball makes the game look bush and pathetic. I love the CFL, but I agree with GBonds88, it’s bush, it’s crap, bullshit, whatever you’d like to call it, there is NO REASON, that after a player FUMBLES the ball, and DOES NOT recover it, and it goes OUT OF BOUNDS or THROUGH THE ENDZONE, that the team should RETAIN POSSESSION & GAIN FIELD POSITION, it’s a joke, it should be changed, end of story.

Yes teams can request a measurement. Two things to consider when looking at the TV screen and the spot are:

  1. Camera angle, unless the camera is dead on with line, it will give you an skewed sense.

  2. Do not rely on the the TV imposed line. That line is an arbitrary one done by a tv guy in the booth, not a definitave indicator.

More often than not my complaint is with the refs doing a measure, in most cases it should be clear if it was over or not just by eyeballing on the field, but the reality is that team use this as additional time outs, so they often request the measure. Sask was not going to ask as it went their way, and Hamilton did not want to give the Riders a breather.

they appear onside to me. dont make me get my camera.

oooooooooooooooooooooooooh scary!!!

they appear onside to me. dont make me get my camera
HAHAHA...Good one...Beetlejuice. Receivers on the right side jumped.... Cheers.

Miller, going to split hairs here.

I have no problem with the current rule re fumbles on the field of play (i.e. between the goal lines). That is: the defensive team needs to touch the ball apart from the actual dislodgement of the ball before a change of possession can occur. I believe that just knocking/kicking/batting etc. from a ball carrier without a further contact with the ball isn’t enough to warrant a change of possession.

BUT: knocking a ball away from a ball carrier so that the ball leaves a dead ball line (i.e. the end zone boundary lines)…I do believe that the offensive team should forfeit the ball in those situations.

Oski Wee Wee,

there is NO REASON, that after a player FUMBLES the ball, and DOES NOT recover it, and it goes OUT OF BOUNDS or THROUGH THE ENDZONE, that the team should RETAIN POSSESSION & GAIN FIELD POSITION, it's a joke, it should be changed, end of story
why should the other team get the ball if they didnt recover the fumble either? it goes to last team with possession. In the nfl the only difference in the rule is the touchback part of it. On a fumble in the nfl possession goes to last player to touch the ball, exactly the same as cfl and a hit causing or punching out the ball does not count as last touch in nfl either. I have seen it reviewed and explained exactly that way.