Robb Bagg officially retires

Didn’t know he was still around. Was he on the roster this season?

I hope He retires a Rider since he never got resigned this season!
Same with Weston Dressler!!

What a heck of a career and what a tough sob. To come back from the amount of knee injuries he had and to put together the career he had. He was truly a Rider great. Thanks for the memories Rob.

he was holding out hopes of the phone ringing…which was very possible if someone wanted/needed a strong vet presence in a canuck late

Thank-you Robb Bagg - you always were a true professional - on & off the field.

I hope the Riders do something to honour Bagg, Dressler & Chick.

Depop thanks for posting.

I don’t understand why nobody rang.


Great career Rob. Met your uncle a year ago in early September when I was vacationing in P.E.I. and he starting chatting with me because I had a Rider shirt or hat on. He so appreciated our fan base and how we are everywhere in the world, plus that we knew your history about not being drafted etc etc.

Was nice to talk some football with someone there