Rob Vanstone's awesome comment in the Leader Post

This is hilarious..


  • The CFL's most-outstanding-player finalists could be quarterbacks Henry Burris (Calgary Stampeders) and Kevin Glenn (Hamilton Tiger-Cats). And to think they both backed up Nealon Greene with the Roughriders in 2003.[/i]

it's so true. We got stuck with Nealon Greene while two QB's that are potential MOP's got away... :roll:

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Yeah, I liked that one too. :lol:

It's a shame what letting good players go means later.

Next year, we'll re-visit this with Stevie Baggs in mind.

I would never want Henry Burris back on the riders. He has been a very inconsistent player between games. He is cocky when he plays awesome, and complains and 'cries' when he does poorly or things don't go his way.
I would like to have a Darian Durant and Kevin Glenn combo. Its not likely that'll happen, but there sure would be some healthy competition there.

That's pretty funny.

Shivers basically drove Burris away when he announced Nealon Greene to be "his guy". Henry wanted to stay in Saskatchewan.

Still wish we had Kevin Glenn though. It seems like every "former" Rider exacts their revenge when they play us. Yeesh even Kevin Mason beat us.

In the same article Rob also wrote that Eric Tillman recommended Brendan Taman for his job when he was leaving. So why be so hard on the guy that has Tillman's stamp of approval you ask? If you think a little harder you'll realize that Tillman knew what he was doing all along... :?

no, The Riders made some stupid stupid moves back in the day before Tillman!

keeping Nealon Greene was probably one of the biggest ones in AGES!

Kevin Mason, he had potential but the Riders screwed him up,

Istill remember the CBC (?) interview with Burris. We gave up a hall of famer for a RB who thought he was a QB.

It does go to the point though that a number of players in the CFL all started with Sasky, which shows our scouting is 2nd to none.

Hey Vanstone please give up your rant to get ESPN in Canada. Getting old.

how bout hey vanstone just give it up

I totally agree with this. Tillman knew he would be back somewhere someday so why not recomend an idiot to replace him to show Sask what they let go in a GM. Not to mention, he had so much on his mind during his last few months in Sask he likely didn't give a s*#@t who Sask hired as a replacement.

Tillman's revenge on Hopson for not supporting him here. The outrage from some corners would have blown over if he had remained here but Tillman couldn't stay unless the entire board supported him. Hopson's name was conspicuously absent from his supporters.

Don't know that you can nessessarily blame him. The main reason he let Shivers go was because of the lack of accounability by team members. The new Tillman regime was to bring that accountability to the forfront. Tillmans' first move as G.M. was to instill a strict code of conduct for all members of the organization, on and off the field. Guess who was one of the first to have an issue with that conduct? By keeping him Hopson would have basically said, yea we have a strict code of conduct here, but don't worry about it, do whatever is your thing and we will just look the other way, much like we did in the Shivers era.

Just one correction. The BOD brought in the code of conduct, not Tillman. It applied to Tillman like it applies to anyone else in the organization and Tillman, being a good employee of the organization that paid him, stood behind his employer's directions and supported the code of conduct.

Nealon Greene was my favorite.

Of course Glenn asked for a trade after we signed Burris and Glenn moved to third string. If we had never signed Burris and kept Glenn things would have been so much better. And Burris would still be Winnipeg's quarterback.


So I offer to pay you more money than the current starter and you think you will be the backup? Not buying it.

Ever noticed that "the story via Rod Pedersen" only came out after Burris needed to deflect the fallout of his other woman lingerie issue?

The best Burris quote out there

"The truth is out there but you will never hear it from me!!"

So was he lying when he said that?