Rob Vanstone The Green Communist !

Rob Vanstone writes about how unfair it is that a few team executives and coach (The very best ones) make more money than some players and how CFL executives pay should be limited !

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As a unionized employee I would like to see him go tell the President of the Leader Post that he should take a pay cut well, because... people are paying to read Vanstone's column. :lol:

Ironic that this guys comes from a city where they can never seem to even respect the salary cap for players. Seriously, this is a dumb idea. I thought by the title, he meant increasing the salary cap. If that's the case, than I agree totally.

What other pro leagues have salary caps on the coaching staff, or any other part of their staff besides the players for that matter?

I don’t want to really get into this but to say the Riders don’t respect it is crazy. If they really didn’t respect it they would go to 99,000 above the threshold every year. That is not the case. They are playing well within the Salary Management System (notice I didn’t say “cap” because it is not one). They won’t be over the threshold this year I would bet.

biased opinion there.

Riders don't try to get over the Cap.. when you have injury problems you sometimes have little choice in the matter.

Vanstone should ask Burris who he seems so fond of and ask him if he would prefer Cortez at 400k or Bellefeuille at 250k ? :wink:

Might want to wait to ask that question until after Cortez has done something as a head coach. Anything less than a Grey Cup appearance and I will say the money was not well spent. Bellefeuille got them to the East Final; if Cortez can't get them to the Cup, the whole thing was a waste.

As for the article, Vanstone is a moron. No other league puts a cap on coaches salaries. Maybe he's mad that the other teams spent money to get coaches while Saskatchewan chose a guy with one year of coordinating experience (and it was a pretty bad year at that).

I don't think that is the issue Blogskee, I think Taman got exactky who he wanted. I think you were more on point when you said Vanstone is an idiot. Never been a great writer.