Rob Rose looks good...

Looks like Rob Rose might make the team by the looks of it...

By the look of what?

Looks like a stud. However, I don't see any swim moves or any other indication he has the Cameron Wake ability. I could be wrong and I hope I'm wrong. This team needs a Cameron Wake calibre of player to compliment the current defence. Rose certainly looks well put together like Montford.

Fast with his hands and agile is very good for a D-lineman believe it or not... This guy's playing by himself I bet he does well against real competition... Well I've said for years it will take years and it has... I wish it didn't... Bad trades like the leafs, injuries blah blah every team has to deal with it... Now that Obie has had Sole control for over year now just wait!!! Why would they have this guy practicing by himself??? Come on now... Obie knows best!!! TIGERS!!! EAT EM' RAW!!!

Does anyone know why he was working out for the Cats? He should be eligible for the NFL Draft later this month.

He's likely to go undrafted.Even if he does sign in the NFL as an undrafted FA, he should still be on the Ticats neg. list if we're interested.Then if he doesn't make it in the NFL like most don't, he's all ours.That's how we get most of our US players.Guy's that sign have usually been tracked, scouted and waited for for 2-3 years.

That clip you posted is from the Buffalo camp the Cats ran last month.

He was not by himself, they invited 10 or so athletes.


I have had time to look at his ratings and like you say he might not get drafted, although some articles give him a chance. Guess he is just covering the bases.