Rob Pikula

...nice pick-up Taman....if Pikula can punt and kick field goals....maybe we'll be releasing Fleming and Troy.....we'll see :thup: :rockin:

sure wished we still had this guy to punt for us though

Fleming was released

i sure don't like the way the BB'S are treating Westwood, right now. Sure he had a bad game, but there is no need for them to be this unprofessional towards Troy, guess they forgot all the good he has done in the Peg.

the guys leg is clearly done, time to bring somebody else in... i wouldnt mind having troy finish the season, let pikula focus on punting and groom pikula over the season to do both... then release troy next year, or he'll probably retire a grey cup champ :rockin:

I think you are getting a "Long Term" guy in Pikula. I wish we could have found a place to hide him.

Go back in history, seems a lot of you were "Roasting" Troy several times over the years.

Pikula will be good for the Bombers!

Just noticed you have a poll calling for Troys head already with 17 people participating........

If Westwood gets cut in next week or 2 this is a message being sent by Berry, you screw up your a$$ might be grass, just look Flemming's Punting he F'd up and look where he is and if Westwood goes it will just be another victim so this is good for the team they'll always be @ the top of there game cause they wanna get paid not cut.

Berry will make his decision after tomorrows practice. Sounds like Pik has the edge for both the punting and place kicking. Could be all she wrote for the ponytailed banjo boy.