Rob Murphy's an Idiot!!!

Rob Murphy of the Argo's has to be the dirtiest player in the CFL, he gets away with so many missed penalty calls, always the first player to instigate at the line.

Murphy should be thrown out just like his counter parts on defense Adriano Belli and Zeke "Got Destroyed" Moreno, these guys played like absolute idiots today, nice try Moreno to copy Jamall Johnson's version of guitar hero and Belli can kiss my #$%..

Not happy with the Ti-Cats points left on the Field, they could have easily have won by 21 or more, something to work for Toronto on Friday, but a Win is a Win and it's 6 points up on T.O. eight points would be better though!!

Good Game Ti-Cats, Eat Em Raw in Toronto on Friday!!!!!

Does this need a topic? it's like saying that people need oxygen in their lives. :slight_smile:

Moreno played tonight? LOL

I guess it was a case of him playing HIDE AND ZEKE.

Rob Murphy. The guys a waste of breath.

Lol I saw that Moreno thing too and just laughed really is more effective when you're WINNING. Moreno might be unfamiliar with that though since he hasn't done very much of it. I've gotta say, my favourite though was when Bruce caught that pass that was challenged and everyone in the argos secondary was standing all around him motioning to Andrus to throw his flag and Bruce just stood there pointing first down and bobbing his head :slight_smile: woooooo!

Lol that was hilarious! It was like he was saying "I got it you idiot's, don't waste your time." What a game :rockin:

lol and also "I'm winning and you're not thanks to your moron coach! haha!"