Rob Murphy

...What do you think guys....?????IF we don't sign Gauthier and Picard, that'll definitely free-up a lot of dough to go after Murphy...We would also be dumping Canadas salary shortly and should be flush with a little cash...????The hammer says Murphy is all ready to sign on with those guys according to a local Van. station...hmmmmmmm and i believe that's the same station that said we would be bringing in Printers...NOT....I say we go after Murph....he has attitude and you can't deny his talent.. :thup: :rockin:

Not a bad idea at all, we could also trade Canada and Glenn in a Pkg deal to BC for another Olinemen just a thought because since they have lost Cam Wake they might be in need for a Defensive End.

Isn't he an import ? I don't like the idea of starting 2 imports on the o-line.

Sounds like Khan is back to 100% (295 lb) at last count with Sheridan still a ?

Gauthier & Picard = Khan & Sheridan

it's pretty much a toss up at this point.

Also, there are a few NI linemen ready to go to fa, Mudge, Fritz, O'day just to name a few, it would probably be more cost effective to go with what we got and p/u one of those guys, than to re-sign both Gauthier & Picard.

,,,YUP...Murphy is an import....and i like the idea of going after another canuck, except Mudge...bin there did that....Fritz and O'day are worth looking at...too soon to really solidify anything really...Rumours floating around that Picard is all set to fly the coop and Gauthier all but signed in T.O.....I hope we are negotiating with a few fas' , other than our own, so we can put plan b' into action...There's too many holes to fill if all of these o guys take a hike....but not impossible to fill with other talent that is out there.. :wink:

Murphy has come out and said he wants to move out east closer to his Buffalo home, that sounds like Tranna or the Hammer to me.

...funny though, how a an offer of a lot more money , can change one's direction.... ya just never know...Feb. 16 ...things are going to get very interesting :wink:

No doubt Rob Murphy is the highest profile import o-line man coming up for free-agency, I think money would be well spent on youngster Glenn January. I hated to see the Argos part with him in the Joseph trade & am hopeful he will return to the Double Blue. to agree with you there gill, January was a give-away...something i hope the Bombers don't do by letting Picard go to free agency... :thdn: