Rob Murphy....

I just tuned to Sportsnet Pacific and they were talking about Murphy and I think he said if they win he's going to try and ride the horse after the game. I think I know they were talking about him riding the horse but I didn't catch why he was going to ride the horse. Taylor wasn't sure whether he was being tounge in cheek or not. Thoughts?

Listening to team 1040 today and the Rumour was that if the Lions won Murphy would try to ride the horse.

And then he'll miss the Grey Cup because he got kicked in the face by a horse...

I would guess he was being sarcastic, cause that's a very stupid idea.

...Murphy should worry about the game and not what his post game antics will's called 'focus'....

True but it brings more attention to the game which is always a good thing. Calgary and B.C. don't have the same rivarly that B.C. does with Sask and if this makes the game played with more passion then that can't be bad.

One can only hope...

The horse is bigger, stronger, faster, and definitely smarter than Murphy. I'm taking Quick Six on this one.

The only place in the West where a WESTERN FINAL PLAYOFF GAME needs more publicity would be in Vancouver. Guess that makes sense that a Leo is trying to drum up interest.

We don't need publicity, but hey it doesn't hurt. Play off games do very well in Vancouver. We draw 45,000+ which is more than the population of Regina. Well more than the number of people in Regina under 70 anyway.

I'm sure he was just joking around, it was all over the papers and news about him trying to get in the hot tub.

That doesn't even make sense. So publicity for a game is a bad thing? You're right Murphy shooting his mouth off tounge in cheek is going to be a bad thing. If it gets talked about on the reporters or off the record or any other sports show or sports talk radio how is it bad?

Fact is Stamps vs Lions isn't a huge rivarly and some people might not be that hyped up for the game. Maybe people in Winnipeg don't care to watch the Stamps and Lions play but mabye this peaks there interest and they decide to tune into the game just to see how its playing out. But you're right this ONLY AFFECTS PEOPLE IN VANCOUVER.

This is actually a follow-up to what he did at the rider game. After the game he and a couple of his buddies when into fan section on field where the hottub is located and climbed into the tub.

Personally, I think the league should fine him for basically going into the stands after the game. It would make the horse comment an issue that whining wally has to deal with. We all know how well Murphy played last year in the Western Final when wally told him to keep his head down. He was like a wet noodle out there.

Why is it that Rob Murphy is reminding me of guys like Matt Cooke and Donald Brashear...

Rob Murphy only reminds me of a certain part of the horse's anatomy.... :lol: :lol:

Sounds like there are some sour grapes out there. Too bad for you fans of other teams that don't have a player of Murphy's caliber, intensity and sense of humour on the team you cheer for.

You don't get it - Murphy feeds off the crap you hurl at him.

Too funny!

No sour grapes here...I wouldn't cheer for Murphy, even if he were playing for the Riders...


Well, drumming up interest for a Western Final is something Regina doesn't EVER worry about. 32 years and counting! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

They didn't hurl crap at Murphy, they hurled beer at Murphy. It was Paul McCallum, they hurled crap at.

Yours are the MOST sour of them all.

Got proof? Likely no, since your comment is entirely without merit.

I can't stand the style of play of Murphy, much as I couldn't stand the style of Nate Davis in his last bit as a Rider, and rejoiced when he was not re-signed. My opinion of Murphy as a player would not change should his team colours change.

Yes you would, and you're lying to yourself if you deny that.