Rob Murphy tears MCL out for the season

Thats unfortunate for the Blew team.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.


That is all

In other Argo news, Lulu Lemon and Dalton "don't call me Kerwin" Bell are terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible.

the argos as a team were awful....embarassing...Barker should lose his job...this group was NOT ready to play...

I didn't see much of the Braley Bowl, but that seems accurate after I saw these numbers:

Name Att Comp Yards TD Int
BELL, D 16 5 42 0 4
LEMON, C 15 11 57 0 0

They couldn't even get 100 passing yards that game?

And Bell threw four INTs and only five to his team? If anyone refers to him as "Kerwin" then maybe he should actually take that as a compliment.

The Argo defence is not that bad…In fact,they would look pretty good IF…

They actually had an offence that was above a high school level…A JV high school level at that…

Objectively speaking,Cory Boyd,Brandon Rideau,Jermaine Copeland,and “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” gives me the inpression they actually have some weapons on offence…They should actually be able to score…Y’know…Points?

Instead,the gameplanning seems so completely sophomoric,the defence is on the field 2/3rds of the game and is gassed out in the 4th quarter…

Lemme get this straight…

Barker,who’s also the GM fires the DC because he feels the D is’nt playing up to par.Yet,the reason the D is getting whipped is because the Offence cannot move the ball at all…

Nice going Argos! :thup:

Keep up the good work!!! :thup:


I've been saying it all off-season and i'll say it again.Last year was a pure fluke for the Argos.Bottom line.The worst part of the 9 wins and the COY award?Barker thought that major upgrades weren't really needed, most notably in the QB department.Gee.Maybe riding 3 players to the playoffs won't work 2 years in a row after all.

didn't Barker say something about our team being a JV team? The ironing is delicious. :lol:

Not only do I agree with you I was saying the same thing during last season. They are the perfect contrast to the bummers: blue team won games it shouldn't have and the bummers lost them. Mike O'Shea won probably three games on trick plays alone. This is why it's all so more agonizing we lost the EDSF at home to them.

It's really poor form to take delight in another person's pain.

that's pretty much how I see it. Unfortunate for Rob, but, this statement resonates.

QFT the Blew team loses a pant-load.... doesn't this make them better by definition? :roll:

Addition by subtraction... and.. they already gain minimum 40 yards in field position each