Rob Murphy signs with Hamilton; Printers packing his bags

Apparently a radio station out there in Hamilton is reporting Rob Murphy signing with Hamilton.

Casey is packing his bags, hopefully to come out here to the Wet Coast.

How else could the Ti Cats have enough Cap room to have Murphy and Printers?

I think Casey will like playing under a Retractable Roof. Open sesame. Close sesame

All speculation at this point as theres been nothing close to an official word of anything other than the Gauthier signing.

My kingdom for some credible news soon!

which radio station reported it ???

I dont think its 900 CHML which is the obvious station around here, but CKOC's name was mentioned which would be interesting because they arent known for breaking sports stories.

It's CKOC radio that reports it... sources apparently not confirmed yet, but that always happens...

where there's smoke there's fire

According to Murphy is an argo

beat me too it, here is the link for it:

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If that's the case, I'm going to be really PO'd.

When Ron L. was coach Rasouli out of Montreal did the same thing, just used him to run up the price. was Ron ever mad.

so what's Printers status?

It is the case.