Rob Murphy should be suspended for the rest of the year!


Looks like his memory came back. :? This piece of work is now appealing the fine, saying it was Goss' fault all along:

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If an appeal is made and the player loses the suspension should be increased !!!

This is not related but i seen 3 plays in the Ticat game that should of been penaltys . First there was the hit on Walker on the kickoff return who was clearly out of bounds yet was hit into the advertisements a good 10 yards from the sideline . 

 Second was the hit on Porter a few plays later when he was clearly into his slide yet was hit by TWO Montreal players .

Third was the hit on Porter that was clearly a HEAD SHOT  and not called . How could such clear roughing penalties not be called ?? Especially the head shot which I believe is 25 yards and a disqualification !!!!

Murphy claims Goss poked him in the eye while grabbing at Murphy's facemask to get Murphy off him. Murphy didn't deny trying to grab Goss by the throat while Goss was flat on his back.

Why don't players go after Murphy's eyes on every play? The league has shown they have no interest in protecting other players from his punk tactics through disciplinary means... :?

If an eye actually hits the turf, they might even get a whole game suspension unless it goes to arbitration. :roll:

LOL. Sadly that is true.

Murphy is a moron.