Rob Murphy should be suspended for the rest of the year!

Did anyone else see the BC/EDM game last nite?

Rob Murphy, pulls on Jason Goss' facemask and drags the poor guy about 5 yards then Goss is in a huge amount of pain after Romero hits Murpy off of him. Murphy and Romero got offsetting penalties.

The league definitely needs to look at this and suspend this guy for the rest of the season.

Rob Murphy is a goon. figures he does that to a Defensive back that is much much smaller than him.

A good test for Cohon's new policy?

Exactly what I was thinking.

Similar cases in recent years have led to a laughably light punishment because, in that bizarre world of professional sports unions, the union always takes the side of the transgressor and not the victim.

The CFL says it will fight for a punishment that fits the offense in these cases - I hope they do.

One game seems realistic... see ya in 2 weeks.

Sounds amazingly like the Canadian "justice" system.

Anyone have a highlight of this?? I'd like to take a look at it.

Just click on the game highlights here

It's shown, but not all that clearly.

Here it is:

[url=] ... clip101793[/url]

A little over a minute in the video, toward the end of the 2nd quarter.

Thanks. I watched the highlights and the VOD of the game, but still couldn't really get a good look at what happened. Murphy sure is a smug S.O.B though. Stinks that Shabooz got kicked out while Murphy sat on the sidelines grinning like a fool.

A lot of strange calls and no calls in that game. I wished BC would have played like that against us. I guess losing to the lowly TiCats inspired them against us.

Hard to tell in that vid...but the pass interference calls on the Leo's sure looked bogus. CFL refs strike again. Go figure.

I've said it time & time again Rob Murphy, Jason Jimenizz & Haji whatever the hell my name is Rasouli are the dirtiest players in the CFL. I have watched 4 BC Lion games in the last year where they have taken an opposing player knocked them down behind the play & preceeded to just using there weight & crush them, then punch them when they try to get up.

Its disgusting & all 3 deserve to be suspended, infact Im pretty sure Haji & Murphy we're suspended last year for a similar situation.

Rob Murphy stinks....what a dirty player...after Goss is already down he dragged his head like a rag doll...Murphy should be banned or at least suspended for the rest of the year...including playoffs...what a goon!

That Murphy what a dirty low down player, should be kick out of the game for the rest of the year.....I wished we had him. :smiley: what a tool. :thdn:

I'm not one who is usually given to derogatory posts against player conduct, but Murphy's conduct is simply disgusting. Take a read for yourselves:

[url=] ... 6-sun.html[/url]

Selective memory, indeed. :roll:

Six or seven guys punching him?? Is he sure it wasn't an army of 1000?? :roll: Give me a break. This guy is a punk He doesn't remember?? Maybe he has taken too many hits to that big melon of his and should be denied clearance by the BC medical staff if he's suffering from short term memory loss. :twisted:
What a clown.

If the league doesn't take a serious stand on this one, Cohon is a joke. Shabooz got ripped off.

Didn't Jason Goss quit on the Ti-Cats and go home to retire....?
I kind of enjoyed that moment thinking about karma and all that ,no empathy for Goss from me.

ya…were even now!!!

I was disappointed by that whole situation as well to say the least, but that doesn't mean I want to see the guy hurt. That kind of crap shouldn't be tolerated no matter who the recipient or the perpetrator is. Murphy is a punk and this is not the first time he's done something like this.

Well, here's the final humiliation to this incident. The league just handed down its verdict:

[url=] ... lines_main[/url]

It makes it increasingly difficult to take officiating seriously in this league. This dog barks but has NO bite. :roll: :thdn: