Rob Murphy: Racist or Joker?

What the heck was he thinking?

He wasn't thinking. People have to realize things posted on the internet could effect there employment. We are have a media training session at our office to discuss this type of stuff.

He's a buffoon... Barker needs to utter 3 words to him.. "Murphy, you're cut"... :roll:

Murphy has always been a problem.. whether it's on the field or off the field, the guy has a brain injury or something that is making him do stupid things and the bad part is, he never learns from it.

I like RevRunWisdom’s tweets.

Dear God, I agree with cflisthebest. :lol:

Joke or not, anyone who would make those comments, particularly in a public forum, just reveals his own narrow-minded and ignorant mentality. Can't say I'm surprised to see this stuff coming from Rob Murphy, who has always struck me as being a grade-A jackass.

Just a punk. Football players are just like the rest of society they have their losers like everywhere else. I hope the fines were salty enough to be worth of the name.

I wonder if he will go over and tell Belli "his mama smells like garlic" ??? or call the 3 FC linesmen "Frogs" ???

Come on Rob.. You know you want to , we know you want to.

Neither.He’s just an idiot.

Arland Bruce has done/said just as stuipid things in the past.

What does this have to do with Bruce? :expressionless:

Perhaps infering that Murphy, like Bruce, will end up in Hamilton after this?

I just met Rob Murphy 5 mins ago in a subway restaurant here in much as I wanted to mention the stupid comments, the guy is huge and could squash me like a bug!

He’s an idiot.

Maybe so, but not since coming to Hamilton.Maybe Toronto is just where they all like to hang out, ie. old Arland Bruce, Adriano Belli, Rob Murphy, etc.

Chicken. :stuck_out_tongue:

last thing I want to do is stick up for the likes of Rob Murphy, but what is so bad about the words frenchland and foreigners?

they speak french in quebec. majority of people are french. Hence frenchland is simply correct, not derogatory.

as for foreigners, hell, to me, most of toronto are usa loving foreigners.

Lots of overreacting to this, I think.

His first comment about foreigners smelling is offensive, and his second comment implies he has little respect for the French.

How you can defend these juvenile comments is beyond me... :expressionless:

I'll admit, the "smelling foreigners?" comment was bad. He crossed the line there. The Frenchland comment was pretty tame. Maybe it offended some people. Again, probably shouldn't have said it. I don't really understand the Frenchland comment though because when you're taking the train from Toronto to Montreal and you hit the Quebec border, you're basically 45 mins away from Montreal (when you're on the train) so he musta got sick of it pretty quickly.

He shouldn't have tweeted that stuff. I think he was more bored more than anything and he ended up acting in a stupid way.
I don't think it's nearly as bad as the Mel Gibson tirade that recently made news. Now THAT was bad.

Fair enough. I guess in Toronto the players play well and say stupid things and in Hamilton they behave and play poorly...