Rob Murphy looking East

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The BC Lions could begin the 2009 season without one of the game's most dominant left tackles.

Potential free agent lineman Rob Murphy was a guest on Team 1040 Sports Radio in Vancouver on Tuesday and said he expects to test the CFL free agency in February.

''You don't have to read the tea leaves,'' Murphy said. ''I'm simply just going through all my options with my wife. I love being a Lion, I love playing for Wally (Buono). It's been the best three years of my football career, I've had a blast, and the guys in the locker room are awesome. It would be great for me to come back, but I have to explore everything.''

Murphy and his wife had triplets last summer and Murphy made a promise that he would test free agency when his contract expired, with the idea that an Eastern team might make travel back to their families in Buffalo a little easier.

''I made a promise to my wife when I signed this contract two years ago, that if I still wanted to play and we had a family I would have to explore those options,'' Murphy said in the interview. ''I talked to Wally about it man-to-man; he's a family man and he understands it. I made it clear to him that I'm not using this as leverage for more money. I just turned 32 two days ago, I have three kids now, and it's more of a family situation.''

Murphy said he has an offer on the table from general manager and head coach Wally Buono that would make him the highest paid lineman in the CFL.

''I've heard a lot of speculation that 'when an athlete says it's not about the money, it's about the money' and I just want to make things straight here that if I come back, Wally's already made me an offer that continues to make me the highest paid lineman in the league, so it's definitely not about money.''

The free agent period begins at 12:01am et on February 16.

With families in Buffalo it only makes sense to come east to Toronto or Hamilton.

With triplets it only makes sense to take the biggest offer.

With Jonta Woodard playing left tackle with the Argos, it only makes sense to sign with Hamilton.

Maybe Murphy could talk to Dave Hack.I believe he commuted to daily practice from Buffalo.Of course the Buffalo to Toronto run is much,much longer and too tedious to imagine. :wink: :wink:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Sounds promising to me!

Some guys used to live in St. Catharines and commute to Hamilton.
I think Mike Kerrigan used to do it.
It is less than 30 minutes.
That would allow his family to visit him there only 30 minutes from Buffalo.

OK, problem solved, anyone know any good real estate agents in St. Cath for Rob?

There may be a tug of war between the Argos and Hamilton over Rob Murphy, but I think the more valuable guy for either team might be Alexandre Gauthier. A Canadian who can play left tackle. He has reportly said he wants to move east. With Montreal set at that position with Bourke, east can only mean Toronto or Hamilton. So with Murphy also wanting to move east I can see those two manning the left tackle position for Toronto and Hamilton. Now we just have to wait and see where they end up.


Gauthier is close to re-signing with the Bombers as of todays Free Press....failing that....maybe we'll have a go at Murphy....we're certainly more 'east' than Van.... :wink:

He may end up in Steel town. Pat Lynch makes a good point (Were you listening to the same broadcast? :wink: ) one of the things Murphy was looking at was being closer to "Home". Living in New York State was one of the rumours circulating around.

…geez sport…do you actually think Murphy will be moving on…first of all Wake off of the ‘d’…now Murphy …maybe off of the offence…you guys are into serious re-build :roll:

Dave Hack actually had a place in Grimsby. I'm sure Mr. Murphy can find some guality diggs there too.