Rob Murphy is AWFUL

“I think I’ve played pretty well,? Murphy said. “I’ve had some breakdowns. Getting used to new guys in and out every week, it’s a challenge. But with time that gets better hopefully.?

This is a direct quote from Rob Murphy in the Globe & Mail.
I can't believe he actually said this. This guy is getting schooled by every defensive lineman in the league this year.....than he has the audacity to make this quote. Unbelievable. If I was Andrus he would be benched.

Well I guess Murphy is as entitled to his opinion as I am to mine.

And my opinion varies greatly from his.

…Wally has a sixth-sense, in somehow knowing, when a players best-before date is becoming obvious…i think he had this one nailed. when he let Murphy head to free-agencey :wink: …along with Tyronne Williams and to a certain degree.Jason Clermont…he just doesn’t seem the same. this year… :roll: :roll:

You hit the nail on the head there.

He sure did hit the nail on the head.

Wally's one of the most successful head coaches in CFL history. . . and part of the reason is that just stated.

I'm sure Wally was ready to re sign Murphy back, if Murphy wanted to stay in BC. But he wanted to move out east closer to home, so he signed in Toronto. Mind you, it wouldn't surprise me if Wally just gave him the standard low ball offer, knowing Murphy wasn't planning on returning.

I'd say that Wally's only bad cut was Otis Floyd. But hey, BC's loss is our gain, love the LB corps of:
OLB- Jamall Johnson MLB- Otis Floyd OLB Markeith Knowlton

And Cats fans were upset that Obie picked up Goodspeed and Gauthier instead of Murphy :lol: . Good job by Obie.

Tell that to the media here who seem to think he should be sent packing. I miss having Clermont here but he does seem to have lost a step or two.

some were upset when we initially didn't get Muprhy but i think when we learned how much he had signed for, many were okay with T.O spending all that money on an American Tackle, while we picked up Goodspeed after the peg payed part of his contract.

There was actually a rumour I heard, and I would believe it, that Obie tricked T.O. into overpaying Murphy.

Here it goes:

  1. Murphy states he wants to come East, with Ham and TO being the two likely destinations
  2. Obie states that 'he would pay anything to get Murphy on his team' (he actually said something along those lines) - in all honesty Obie does not want him
  3. TO hears what Obie says and overpays him hugely so they can 'outbid' Hamilton for Murphy's services
  4. TO lands Murphy, Ham lands Gauthier and Goodspeed :lol:

Toronto seems to have a habit of recruiting former star players who underachieve. Stars help to sell tickets, but may or may not improve a team. Toronto offensive line has success in run support, but pass protection is harder to master. Schultz of TSN says that any offensive line needs a long time together to learn and develop good chemistry.

I think that it was Murphs agent, who used Hamilton and Toronto against each to get the biggest contract.

Not so sure about that cause the Bombers O-line this year was ravaged. And to be honest, they haven't really played too bad this year.

Murphy has always been overrated IMO…, guys like Bates, Rasouli and Jimenez(like him or hate him) always made him look better.

I think Murphy was more of a good product of a system rather than an outstanding athlete. Cam Wake is an outstanding athlete.

I don't know if it's Wally getting rid of his players just before they expire or just wants to get younger and plug new guys into his systems.

I think Pierce and Jackson have been successful in the past because of the system. I don't think these guys would do anything on any other team in the CFL.

Im firmly of the belief that offensive lines should be judged as a unit more than as any individuals. This is partly why I find it strange when teams pursue free agent offensive linemen because offensive linemen more than anyone else are very dependent on the guy next to him doing a good job in order to look good and a lack of familiarity is inevitable when an o lineman changes teams making them seem worse than they are

I think could be Coaching in Toronto.
How can he go from Being so good to so bad so quick
The Toronto Coaching Staff is 90% American with no CFL Experience to start off with
I think Team know there bad and Hamilton Flue is now up the QEW in Toronto.

Whoa... easy Judge Judy. While it may appear that way at this time, I'll be a little more patient with the verdict until we see all the facts.

We know why Clermont isn't seeing the ball or even the field much(Fantuz, Getzlaf, Dressler, Bagg) and it doesn't mean much. We don't know how Ty Williams will do yet, and Murphy is having a rough stretch but he didn't go from zero to hero overnight either.

…heh scribe…get up to speed (unlike Clermont has shown thus far)…Williams has been released by the Bombers…seems a guy by the name of Dorian Smith took his job…Murphy has lost a step…and it actually started in last years playoffs when Labinjo made him look foolish…But if you think he’s still a force…heh, i hope the argos keep him…I just hope Pickett knows how to bail quick… :lol: