Rob Murphy.....after being shut out this weekend

  • a 2-4 record on the season, with just two touchdowns and 40 points total in their last four games, as well as a league-worst 106 points
    Hogtown's offensive lineman Rob Murphy probably summed it up best after the game.
    "To get shut out in the CFL is virtually unheard of," Murphy said. "It's embarrassing, especially the way the defence played. It's a shame."

funny, I thought it was the offence who was supposed to the points on the board. Wow, was it not the O-line and Murphy in particular, getting burned and manhandled all game, almost at the expense of their QB? This is from story about the Argos today. I beleive this is the only quote from Murphy in it though. So I guess it's possible I could be looking at it the wrong way.

Are you on glue?

What he meant was, given how WELL our defence played, it is embarrassing that our offence could not even muster a single point.

At 190k, if he wants to stash a little of that for his triplets. He better up his game real quick... Or he'll be traded or cut

I put down the bag long enough to reread the quote from you're point of view, and you're right! But then I picked back up that bag and remembered I also said:
"I beleive this is the only quote from Murphy in it though. So I guess it's possible I could be looking at it the wrong way."
So thanks

The way he's played this season. . . and that contract he's got. . . I don't believe there to be a GM in the league dumb enough to trade an asset for him.

Now getting cut, that is more reasonable.

I liked Kerry Joseph's quote from that article more: "It's frustrating," Joseph said afterwards. "We have too much talent to be getting beat like we are." Seriously? What talent? They've downgraded big time on special teams, they don't have a receiver worth mentioning. Where is this talent? Rob Murphy? Watch out now!

That’s his way of saying he’s ready to keep going to war with his teammates. Chad Lucas , Robertson, P.K Sam, Rob Murphy, Dom Picard these are all talented guys. They just aren’t playing well and I don’t think the scheme suits them particularly well.

Dorsey will likely be back as well. Their Defense is top 3 in the league so far, their new kicker is awesome. They need guys like Lucas, Robertson, Payton, Mcneil and Sam to step up and make plays.

The Oline needs to a new coach. like today…they have proven talent there and they are not playing well so something has to change.

I know, but I opted to go for the drama.....

I was pissed that Wally let him go this year, but now that I see how he is playing …

Let’s just say I’m over it. :lol:

It's not just this year that Murphy has been an obvious stiff, I noticed him last year in BC. He was getting beat on a regular basis.
He was done then, obviously the Argos again did not do their homework by failing to study the film.

LoL confessions of a teenage drama queen! Or maybe in our case, just an "aged" drama queen. :lol:

Wally didn't let him go, it was obvious from the outset of free agency that Murphy wanted out of Vancouver and to be out East to be closer to his home and family. Wally had no choice about Murphy, Logan, and Wake, he let go of Clermont and Tyrone Williams.

Murphy is looking like the free agent bust of the season, although Clermont and Williams aren't doing much for their respective new teams either.

Offensive linesman can be a tough adaptation I would give him another six games at least. Tyrone has been cut ans is retired. Clairmont looks almost ready for retirement of course none are making close to 190k.

And yet he still managed to be named to the Western All-Star team last season.

That's 2/3 of the season! If a guy needs that long to learn a new system, then maybe we do need a longer pre-season... :o :o :o

It could be said that every pro athlete is an extremely talented human being, could it not? I'm sure the individuals Kerry is speaking of are more talented with what they do than myself in what I do.

Yeah but the media votes on that. And most of them don't know crap.

Murphy needs to look in the mirror. He should have been a key signing for Toronto and he has played like garbage up to this point