Rob Murphy a ticat?

Found this story about Rob Murphy. Hope it's true.

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Printers' agent says reports are wrong
Jim Mullin

Reports have surfaced that former BC Lion and current Hamilton Tiger-Cat quarterback Casey Printers would be in town early next week to discuss a future with the Lions.

CKNW Sports have found those reports to be untrue. Printers agent Jason Medlock tells CKNW that his client remains in Houston on a training program and remains committed to Hamilton.

Things will get more complicated when Hamilton general manger Bob O’Billovich sits down with coach Marcel Bellefeuille on Monday.

The pair will start to put together a trade package for Winnipeg QB Kevin Glenn. Printers will not be part of that package, as his price is too high for the Bombers, and there are concerns about his effect in the dressing room.

Sources also tell CKNW Sports that Lions soon-to-be free agent offensive lineman Rob Murphy will be in Hamilton on Feburary 16 at a press conference to announce his signing on the opening day of CFL free agency.

Nice find, hamiltonelite.

There is also a second report on the same website today about the Lions making a contract offer to offensive tackle to Jason Jimenez for $140,000 per year and noting how important it to sign him with the "impending departure of offensive tackle Rob Murphy to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats."

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If this is true, one wonders what terms were agreed to by Obie and Wally Buono to give the Ticats permission to negotiate with Murphy ahead of the free agent deadline. A player? A draft pick? Money? In any event, the acquisition of Murphy will fill a huge void at left offensive tackle.

Well that is great news and I'm sure Printers is thrilled LOL!
I wonder if Jhimenez is interested in playing in Hamilton?

Murphy will sign with the Tiger-Cats... and Printers will be in the Cats' camp. I just hope that "Bob's Your Uncle" doesn't make a move for Glen......he really sucks from what i've seen the past year. As a Tiger-Cat fan.....I remeber every Winnipeg game I watched, I wished Glen was playing in it.

I really hope this is true! If Murphy does go to Hamilton it will be the best signing yet for Obie since he took over the Cats!

Murphy is very talented and capable and from what I have seen he is very loyal to his teammates on the field. Plus his toughness is something our Cats need bad.

There are only 4 potential free agents that can change the temperment of a team. Murphy, Picard, Jhimenez and Lloyd.

If Obie signs Murphy and two impact, experienced CFL D-Linemen, drafts Rottier #1 overall, and trades the #3 overall pick for an experienced receiver, he will have addressed all of the Ticats' weak areas. If he can also either light a fire under Printers in training camp, or renegotiate Printers' salary then trade him for something of value, he is a fantastic GM.

I agree with most players you Brought up but Marwan is great Center .
I take him over Picard anyday ..

Printers cant talk to anyone but Obie since he's under contract with us. That article is a stretch I feel.

You make an interesting point, tc mike. On the surface, your observation is correct. No other CFL team can talk with Printers because he has a contract with the Ticats. However, Rob Murphy is also still under contract to the B.C. Lions. If the report is true that the Ticats will announce the signing of Murphy on Feb 16/09, it leads one to wonder whether Obie has given the B.C. Lions the right to negotiate a possible new contract with Casey Printers’ agent in return for the right to negotiate early and exclusively with free agent Murphy and his agent. If this type of arrangement has been made and Printers’ agent reaches a new tentative deal with the Lions at a reduced salary, then the Ticats would either trade him to B.C. or release him. This would make some sense because the same report also stated that Obie and Marcel Bellefeuille will be meeting to put together a trade package to acquire Kevin Glenn. There is no way that the Ticats can accommodate the contracts of both Printers and Glenn and have spare money to sign free agents.

That CKNW website also reported on 1/28/2009 that

Buck Pierce's agent is shopping him around to the NFL

so could it be that Wally might be talking to Casey
in case Buck does take a shot at the NFL this season?

If Pierce doesn't leave and Casey salary requirements
are too much for Wally, Obie will know a lot about

how much of a salary reduction Casey will accept.

Obie and Wally are straight shooters.

It can really help your team when your GM has
good relationships with others GMs in the CFL.

Don't forget that Wally and Obie are like brothers. They may very well have given each other permission to talk to Printers and Murphy. This makes sense since Obie doesn't seem too keen on keeping Printers and Murphy has already told Wally he is going to look at the FA market.

If this is all true and Murphy is in fact on his way to Hamilton come Feb. 16th our team will be improved a significant amount and that will be a HUGE selling factor for other big named free agents. If we can sign Maurice Lloyd or Sean Lucas, if not both<--(me just dreaming lol) and draft a solid Canadian O-Lineman we might be set up for a big name trade for an experienced receiver.

Now if all that came true, we will be a contender for a home playoff game.

Is it just me or does anyone else not want our GM to be "like brothers" with another coach/GM in the CFL?? I wonder what he was like with Taman if brotherhood gets you rights to talk to Casey. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I've already made my feelings clear on the subject of Murphy, but if he does sign with us I truly wish him every success as that will contribute to our success. As for Lloyd, Gbonds, I wouldn't hold my breath. Word on the street is that Hall will be stealing him away to Edmonton.

Never in my life have I ever read or heard Wally and Obie described as such. If anything Wally is consistently described as independent, cool and distant when it comes to football ops.

Actually since Obie took over the Cats any dealings the two teams have had turned out in our favour. We got Knowlton for a 2nd round draft pick when we had two 1st round picks. One of Obie's better trades.. getting Thompson was a great move also.

Shhhhhh, Edmonton is not going to do that! We are going to sign Lloyd and Lucas and Muphy and Jimenez and... ok, ok, I'll stop my dreaming once again. :oops:

I am hoping we sign Lloyd, but if that doesn't work out and those dirty Eskimos steal him from us. :lol: I hope we go after Lucas and then maybe we can steal Joe McGrath off Edmonton.

In Obie's first video interview that was posted on the Ticat site last year Obie did speak to his special relationship with Buono.
He spoke about spending time practicing their faith together and that they were like family.

That being said, I do not think that two pros like Buono and Obie would allow their relationship to affect the running of their teams in any way

I'll concede on Knowlton and Thompson. I admit that O'Billovich made two good trades and one absolutely, positively, terribly tragic and horrific one. :smiley:

You’re right, borehamgirl. Zeke Moreno’s 8 yard downfield tackles this year would have made all the difference in our non-existent playoff push.