Rob Maver?????

.....I don't know what our priorities are in the 2010 draft but this kid is a very interesting project....He handles ALL kicking duties well and his ni status at the kicking position affords a luxury that a lot of teams luv....including us...I know we have an up and comer in Renaud and Serna seems to have turned the cornor BUT if this kid realizes his potential, he would be a very valuable asset to any CFL team...Just a thought and i know i'll probably get shot-down because we have greater needs in other areas...however looking down the road...he may be worth considerable consideration in the up-coming draft ????? :roll: ..

"If" - the biggest two letter word in the English language. :wink:

i think the bombers are set with serna and renaud. i mean they did just resign serna in the off season so he's as good as SHARPIED in as the kicker, renaud if healthy will be our punter.

Maver, i beleive will atrract some NFL interest and i think his stock will drop because of that in the draft.. looks like bombers pick at 6th this year.. will maver still be around? Probably.. if he is should we take him? it would depend on who's available still.. eddie steele? shomari williams? akeem foster? these are all guys who should and could be available with the 6th pick.. Would be silly IMO to waste the pick on a kicker when we already have the guys we need there.

yeah we definately have bigger needs at the moment... id love to see shomari in blue and gold but i really doubt he'l slip that far, both steele and foster will probably go right around our pick... give or take one or 2 so itl be interesting to see which route the bb go.. id say the odds are in favor of the local dl steele, more so now as we've added some ni and imp wide recievers of late

I'm really hoping John Bender falls to number 6 so the bombers can pick him up.... He and LaBatte would be two VERY solid gaurds to open up some huge holes for Fred EX and to potect Pierce :wink:

J'Michael Deane wouldnt be a bad pick either, Brian Buckle or Eddie Steele for canian depthat DT would also be ok....

I wouldnt try and grab Maver unless he fell down to our second pick... which isnt untill the fourth? thanks Kelly :roll:

My hope is though, that they focus on the trenches with their first pick... The trenches are the ones that pan out the most and they are what win or lose games IMO.

My Ticats don't have a first round pick, but they will take Maver at #5 in the second round if he's still available. And if another team tells Obie that they are taking Maver earlier, I think Obie will deal with them for that pick. After years of losing, and getting high picks as a reward, punter is now really the only pressing need the Ticats have in the Canadian draft (Hamilton needs a Canadian punter to go with DeAngelis, who will do kickoffs and field goals), so they will certainly try to get the best one available.

If all that falls through, look for Hamilton to go for the second best punter available, Bodnar.

As stated by others we have Serna and Renaud, we are fine in that department and we should not waste a 1ST RD pick on a K/P especially when we need halp in other departments. This is a very deep and talented draft, better than the last few years, we should with proper scouting get 4 solid player's with our picks and i strongly believe we need to look at LB'S, maybe a DE or DT and WR. Last 2 years even without a high pick we did well with the likes of Morris, Bestard, Thaine Carter, Hargreaves, Labbe and so on, all will compete for a starting job this season. If we are looking for offense, we should absolutely look at Steven Turner or Akeem Foster to fill a recieving position, even though we look deep there it doesn't hurt to pick up another NI reciever and having more depth means possible trade bait if one of our NI reciever's just doesn't fit into this system, just saying!!

Doubt that will happen. IIRC he still has a year of eligibility left and LaPolice said in today's FP that they want to pick a senior.

"We'll look to take a senior that doesn't have eligibility left and that can come in help us right away and be a real good player. We need Canadian depth on the offensive line, at receiver and at linebacker," said LaPolice.

There is a trend in the last couple years to take the most ready players in the first round or two and than start to draft Juniors. Its nice to see individuals in Winnipeg who understand what it takes to build a football team in the CFL.

....the secret to the draft......First of all you don't trade away your pics....Secondly you pick the best player available....regardless of position..... :wink:

Considering Montreal and BC were the only teams scouting in Canada, it's no surprise they have had a good core of NI's.

Nice to have those deep pocket owners who can afford such things.

i really like sask's non import talent and seems to me, that lapo and mack are trying to build us in a similar mold and thats all good with me, 2 grey cup games in the last 3 years or so, won 1 of them.. they are the alouettes of the west at the moment. i think the bombers are gonna surprise some people with the quality of canadians they have. just think i dunno, who was rob bagg or chris getzlaf, ahh he was ryans brother right? yeah... the hockey player for sure..

what do bagg and getzlaf and alot of sasks canadian talent have in common with the guys we have on our roster, well b4 lapo and baressi and ok ken miller and the sask coaching staff put them on the field, they were NOBODY just like our guys.

does that mean anything? nah but i suppose, u gotta start somewhere.

seems to me the teams with the best canadian talent, are the teams WHO ARE DOMINATING the last few years in grey cup appearances.. sask and montreal.

will our guys pan out like sasks guys or montreals guys did... guess we will see soon enough.