Rob Longley's Brilliant Response to My Email

Below is his response. I think he's trying to imply noboyd watches or cares about the Grey Cup in Canada?

The NFL is a marginal sport? Walk into any sports bar or restaurant tomorrow at 6:30 and tell me that. Then next year try the same thing on Grey Cup weekend.

He is a confused man. He must be confusing Toronto and Canada. But even that doesn't work since the bars are full of Grey Cup on Grey CUp Sunday...even IN Toronto.

Whats sad is this is the type of people writing for our sports media.

No offence, but were you honestly expecting something intelligent in response?

Again B99 what do you think these guys care. They are looking for a response it is a game to them. Do not contact them, contact the editor or even better send a letter to the editor so the readers can read your reply. These guys like the attention with email directly to them. He is a position of power writing is articles. Therefore you get your friends and as many people to write back but in the letters to the editor.

I think the fact he responded shows I hit a nerve. I know what I write won't change his mind, but this guy has to be exposed.

And JMan. Of course I didn't expect an intelligent response, becasue how can you defend an idiotic postion such as his?

Good job berezin, but unfortunately the writers here in Toronto as so pro NFL and anti CFL that I would have been surprised if this type of mentality did not exist.

Bars are always full for NFL games because NFL fans are mostly gamblers and drunks (no offense to anyone on this board).

Touche, TMH.

And besides these guys would rather
go to Miami than to Winnipeg.


The media in Canada just can't match the hype
they put out for their brand of football

and football's in their blood
like hockey is in our's

We don't even need hype to fill bars,
and rec rooms for World Cup games.

so the only views that matter are of those who hang out in bars?

that tells me, u have to drink and gamble and hang out with other drunks to make the superbowl entertaining...cuz if u watched it without doing those things, you'd prolly find the grey cup is better.


the toronto suns sports editor's email is: took this long to get THAT response...he must have had to do some hard thinking.....I bet it hurt his head something awful...poor boy.
As far as bars beng full else can anybody sit through a usually long, painfully dull event like the Stupor Bowl unless they're hammered with lots of distractions. the Grey Cup, from what I've seen, is more of a family event...that's why the bars may not be as full. :thup:

yup, even IF the bars WERE empty for the Grey Cup - it's because the houses are full.

Anyway, the bars are (probably*) full for the Grey cup anyway, with about HALF the hype of the Superbowl ...

  • I say probably because I've never left my TV room after 3:00 on a Grey Cup Sunday

reasons people watch the superbowl:

  1. commercials
  2. gambling
  3. reason to drink with buddies
  4. football game

reasons people watch grey cup:

  1. football

Well, I watched the Super Bowl for the football, and wasn't disappointed.....

I was. It was football all right, but it was terrible football from what I watched. I know it was raining but THAT many fumbles? Lots of dropped passes too.

Lots of drpped passes and fumbles, but good returns, too....haven't seen those in the CFL in a while.....

Yea i feel the same jm02, watched it for the game

cuz your CFL are true football fans...u ignore all the glitz and care about the game.

ask others why they watched....and you'll get the reasons i posted

Yeah tonight reminded me how much I miss returns. Still they weren't enough to keep me from shutting my TV off at half time. I read what happened after I shut my TV off and am glad I did.

Don't get me wrong NFL football can be good, but leagues aside, this was bad football tonight. Period.