Rob Katz where is he now ????

I know rob took job in one of bob other Companies.
I miss chating with Rob
Where is he now ?
How is he Doing ?
dose anyone know ?

hopefully, nowhere near football operations.

I think after he left the football operations it was posted that he'd be working with MRX on promotions. It was Rob and another individual who were re-assigned by Bob. I'm pretty sure thats what happened

Rob Katz and Christopher Dean both moved from running sales and marketing at Ticats/MRX down to similar roles at Lulu in Raleigh North Carolina last year. Both are doing astoundingly well in their new roles as they help Lulu move from strength to strength.

Both Chris and Rob will be up at Ticat games from time to time as both remain staunch Ticat fans.

Cheers, Bob.

Thanks Bob
I am glad they are doing Well.
There Great People to have in your Employment.
I do Miss them Cause they are Great People.