rob katz on the fan

rob katz is on the fan590 right now also tom wright will be on the fan before 7pm

McCowan asked him if Marshall's job was safe.
In reply Katz tapdanced around the question so well by the end of the segment he was Mr.Bojangles.

Any other good questions / answers / comments for those of us who missed it?

No, it was mostly about Tom Wright. Katz also acknowledged and empathized with fan displeasure and anger.
Guess he didnt get the memo about having faith, holding hands, we'll all be fine, shake your pom poms etc. etc.

Oddly enough the Forbidden Website was mentioned numerous times on the Fan in Calgary today (Fan960-another one of those Rogers stations).

It was actually called "one of the funniest sites on the internet".

I guess 960 isnt a "family" station.

Mr Bojangles...Classic. :lol:

McCowan also said the Cats were expected to be one of the "break-out teams" this year. Instead the "poosy-cats are rolling over waiting for their tummies to be rubbed"
Sometimes you just have to laugh.

thats almost as bad as the stamp fan telling me we are the 'lovable losers' of the league on the way out of the stadium...

Wonder if anyone has tried "loveable losers" as a season ticket sales campaign slogan?

No I don't think so. I used it as the title of my personal ad (in the singular form of course) :oops: :wink:

Mikey, give this girl one of your patented pom-pom waving pep talks, she needs it.

Thanks Z but I've retired my pom pom's :wink:

calling mightypope and jarecanada!

You do enjoy being predictible don't you sig?? I could almost hear the wheels turning in your head as I typed that. :lol:

it's OK, at least I didn't say anything about pasties...

Will this interview get turned into one of them there "podcasts"? I wouldn't mind hearing it, esp. the Bojangles-esque part.

Ah, the politics of dancing...

"the politics of - ooohhh feeling good."


I think at this point that we all need some Cheerleading (me included) and not dancing especially with the the musical selection. We see too much of the latter and not enough of the former. As with all teams it is easier to fire the Chief and stick with those that got him in that position.

Right now the mood is Rah, rah, zis, boom, BLAH. Just think, after tonight we will almost be 23% of the way to a perfect season. Hope, I'm wrong :>))) for all those that have headed to Montreal because it will make for a real long ride back.

Can anyone tell me what is Mr.Katz's football background?