Rob Ford close to being named Esks Head Coach

C.P.- Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto has weighed his options and is considering bolting the Mayor's chair to become the head coach of the storied Edmonton Eskimo franchise. GM Ed Hervey was seen wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey jersey heading into his office on his way for a Skype call to Ford in Toronto. Indications are strong is this regard because Ford was caught humming the song 'Four Strong Winds' yesterday during commercials on his radio show which indicates he is close to heading out west. As well, at a fast food restaurant in the Toronto area a worker claimed someone who looked like the mayor was extolling the virtues of the province of Alberta making statements like, "... it is where a man can be a cowboy, be his own man, say his mind and not be disrespected for it".... in Alberta men are tough and the girls get better looking at closing time!" ... a man out west is a real man who can cuss, spit, drink and pass wind and be thought of highly!" "... no one out west judges you on what you wear or if your shirttail is hanging out or your fly in undone!"
Ford's experience as a high school football coach goes miles with Hervey apparently who seems in a trance when speaking about Ford's abilities to capture the market of media attention which Hervey believes will sell tickets and fill Commonwealth again. Furthermore, the City of Edmonton believes Ford's hiring may save taxpayer's money as City signs will only have to be altered slightly from 'City of Champions' to City of Crack Champions' ! Hervey was unavailable for comments and Mayor Ford's office suggested he was at a sincerity workshop. -CP

I like. If theirs an injury on oline he could fill one or two spots at the same time. cool

I rather rob ford take over CEO of Argos instead! The big man won’t back down from anyone when it comes to getting a new stadium for the Argos unlike Chris lazy man rudge!

Stadium is going to need a really, really big board room to house Ford, Barker, Milanovich, Jones and Phillion. Make sure it has windows...

I laughed.

:oops: Mayor Ford finally admits to his use of crack today. Wow.

Now only if we can get Chris rudge to admit that he is a waste of space being CEO of the Argos and resign.


Wow. . . 1991argo doesn't like Chris Rudge. Who knew. . .

I think you'd have to be on crack to coach for Harvey. And the most qualified person we know is..... who also lives in his own world with no accountability, hire him before someone else snaps him up.

I say let's give ROB FORD a "CRACK" at coaching the Esks!!!!!
The Eskimos would be a "SMOKING" unit with Rob "Skinny" Ford as coach!!! :cowboy: :cowboy:

I don't know bobo, I don't mind Rob Ford to be honest although some who think he's fantastic there in Toronto, well not sure he's what he's all cracked up to be with some of those people. :slight_smile:


Good cartoon but really this has nothing to do with the CFL and should be moved to the "Off-Topic" section where it belongs.

At least move it to the Toronto board.
Did anyone else notice Ford's tie during his press conference? Football tie showing all the teams (NFL)

Didn't notice the tie mike. Well, I guess he's saying you want an NFL team/gridiron stadium in Toronto (Argos stadium that could be renovated for a larger NFL stadium if need be at some point), you better vote me back in. Don't think that will cut it with the voters though, I'm sure they aren't that cracked up. :wink:

Finally, a rumor that doesn't sound like it came from a drug-addled brain!*

*A melon addled one, perhaps. :smiley:

Move it to the Toronto board?????? What fan board????? Their one in here has got cob-webs and dust all over it from lack of use!!!! The last post in there was probably well over a month ago.All 5 Naught fans,on this site all post in the main forum board,Argo apathy at it's finest,Toronto as a sports word.....PATHETIC!!!!! as for their their choice of word......."CRACKED"!!!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :thdn: :thdn:

Clip from the Kimmel show.... Poor Rob Ford