Rob Ford Almost Steals the Show

Ford came in and security went nuts. He was about 12 rows below us. I went out for some coffees and the security guards didn't want to let me into my seat. They wanted to see my ticket and it was back with my son in the stands. I eventually just pushed past them and turned into my row before they grabbed me.

What a show. People kept going up to him all second half to get their pictures taken. Lots of people were watching him instead of the game. My son posted pictures on Facebook but I have NO idea how to put pictures on the board here.

here's the USA Today article featuring Rob Ford at the EF game...

[u]Toronto mayor Rob Ford mocked by opposing fans at CFL playoff game[/u] Nina Mandell USA Today

Embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford was spotted at the Canadian Football League playoff game between the Toronto Argonauts and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats despite the CFL commissioner’s wishes that he stay away from the game.

After Rob Ford stirred further controversy Thursday while wearing a Toronto Argonauts jersey, Canadian Football League Commissioner Mark Cohon strongly suggested the embattled mayor should stay away from Sunday’s playoff game between the Argos and Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

“We believe it would be better for Mr. Ford to focus on his challenges right now,? Cohon said in a statement to the Star. “And the fairest thing to our athletes and fans would be to keep the focus Sunday on the game.?

Apparently Ford, who reportedly appeared in the stands in the third quarter of the game, didn’t agree.

The Argonauts were upset by Hamilton, 36-24.

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Sorry, just got in from the game and posted without checking the threads lower down. My comment should have gone int he earlier Ford thread. :oops:

Ugh he's just a guy coming out to support his football team. Please leave him alone on this one.

Agreed, man. I've hated Ford even before this stuff all went down and think he should be kicked out, but the guy legitimately loves Football and wanted to watch the game.

If I buy a ticket I want to be able to sit and enjoy the game, and IMO we should extend any other fan the same courtesy.

Rob Ford in the House (courtesy TSN video)

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Give the guy credit for coming in and paying on his own dime.

agreed guys.
Aside from his personal demons, Ford is a fervent football fan and has recently voiced support in the pursuit of a new stadium for the Argos. and deserves to watch a game in peace.
(although near impossible with our celeb-obsessed society)

he only went because he was told he could score some crack after the game, and all you can eat when he got there.... :wink:

Wasn’t terribly interested in seeing Ford. More of a, “Look who it is… now what’s happening on the field.” For lots of people his appearance appeared to make it a party.

There’s a big appeal to celebrity status in many people. Maybe because my dad was in show business and I actually got to know the 3 Stooges as a kid, I got over it early. I mean, one you know them…

Wow, that is a ruthless fan. Not to say it isn't awesome though.

This is crazy. You'd swear he sexually assaulted a teenager. :cowboy:

Agreed. Another butt in the seats means more $$$ for the league. What the guy does on his own time is his own business. I say if he is the reason people talking CFL so be it.

so would ford. any excuse to swear

Ford's butt is big enough for 2 seats,the poor buggers sitting on either side of him must have been totally squished,with that lard ass in attendance,the only reason the big turd was there was to get some face time on TSN !!!! I'm surprised they found a jersey big enough for this parade float to wear,fan or no fan did he really expect to go to the game and nobody notice him???? Gimme a break!!!!! Ford is and has made Toronto the laughing stock of North America :thdn:
Only in Toronto would a total BUFFOON like this guy be voted in as mayor,unbelievable,that fat piece of crap should have stayed at home in his basement with his crack-pipe and his 40 pounder of vodka.The only good thing about Bluto showing up was that after they showed old "skinny" on TSN the Argos didn't score another point the rest of the game.

The Grey Cup???? or Fords oversized crack pipe???? SPANK THIS CRACKER....ARGOS SUCK!!!!! :cowboy: :cowboy:

You're pathetic :roll: