Rob Cut by Eskimos

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Edmonton ( - The Edmonton Eskimos announced today that non-import linebacker Rob Hitchcock has been released. Hitchcock signed with the Eskimos on October 15, 2007.

He played in the final three regular season games on special teams. Selected by Hamilton in the second round (17th overall) in the 1995 Canadian Draft, he spent 12 years with the Ti-Cats.

All the best to Rob.

Sad to see Rob go out that way. One of the classiest men ever to wear the black and gold.

Good luck, Rob.

Will now if he wants he Can Retire a Ticat.

we should sign him to a one game contract for the last home game of the season. dedicate the half time show to him. make it an event. this guy gave his all every game for us, now let's give back to him.

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Id be for that .

I doubt that he would return to play a final game in black and gold, but I’d really appreciate it if he could.

Either way, thanks for the wild ride, Rob!

It was great!

gee... what a horrible thing to do to a classy guy.
(note sarcasm)

Did we already dedicate a half time to him and MM?

ya, that was at labour day. i think the one game contract is a good idea though.

Yah, but don’t you remember the scooby doo ending on that one.

Rob was good in his time but the Cats gave him a solid send-off so sorry but bye-bye.

This crew needs to put ALL of their focus and energy into the present and future. Maybe if we’re sitting at 6-3 at mid-season I’ll be more open to another little journey down memory lane.

Maybe Rob still dosn't want to retire. :expressionless:

Well, when he dose, he can come home. :thup: :thup:

If season prices and the Bills in T.O. Keep going up. I might need to retire. I hope they dedicate something at half time for me. This way i can buy season tickets elsewhere, and tell all the cat fans how loyal I was to the team and franchise for all those loosing years down at IWS

A less than glorious end to the career of one of Hamilton's all-time greats. The team should sign him to a one game contract and let him retire a Cat, the least they could do for someone who gave his all and more for the team.

We actually had two send offs for Rob. The half time with him and Morreale and that final game when he led the Eskimos onto the field. He got a standing ovation and deservadely so. I’m sure we’ll be seeing Hitchcock again as his number 42 will go up on the Wall of Fame sometime down the road.