Rob Brown

You think we can give him a try? Bring him back for old time sakes! I was kinda sad when we shipped him off to Edmonton for Sanchez.

Well we need a replacement for Romero; can't hurt to give him a look-see in training camp; if he makes it great, if he doesn't, well, nothing ventured nothing gained.

I would definitely take a flyer on Brown to see if he still has what it takes. Romero's absence has left a void on the D-line. Brown knows Montreal, he knows the team, why not give him a call?

I'd also invite Omar Morgan to training camp as well.

I think I'd pass on Morgan; cornerback isn't a spot where I think we need any help....certainly there are more urgent areas that need Popp's attention, and I hope he's scouring the US right now to find us the help that we need.

On one side, other teams seemed to like to pick on Estelle, but other than a few occasions he didn't get burned; on the other side Sanchez was playing really well until he got injured, and when Jesse Hendrix replaced him you rarely heard his name mentioned during a game.

That is a really good sign for a defensive back....if your name isn't being called, that means you are doing your job properly and are covering your receiver such that the opposing QB isn't throwing his way.

MJ, I agree about Hendrix and Sanchez, and also about how the less said about a corner during a game, the better, but I thought Estelle was really soft last season. It seemed like he was playing 5-7 yards off his receiver way too often, so even when he wasn't being burned for big gains, he was still an easy mark whenever the opposing QB needed to pick up a first down. Giving good receivers that kind of cushion makes it far too easy for the other team to move the chains.

So I'd be willing to bring Morgan in to challenge for that position. Even if he doesn't get it, he'll push Estelle to elevate his own game.

I do agree that we need help elsewhere more urgently, D-line and O-line being the two main areas as I see it.

discipline, once again, we tend to agree more than anything.

No question that the two lines have to be given priority when it comes to where we need to upgrade from last year. I'd rank deep threat receiver and MLB as a tie for the next priority.

Cornerback is way down the the secondary with Boulay gone safety has to be more urgent than the corner.

Sure, Estelle wasn't brilliant last year, and if Morgan wants to come and give it a shot I don't mind....if he gets released after training camp it costs us nothing so what the heck.

But if I was GM, I wouldn't be calling him, I have other priorities to attend to....he'd have to call me.

Mind you, no one has ever called me offering me a post as a CFL GM...........probably with good reason, too.

MLB is crucial. I'd rank deep-threat receiver only slightly behind just because it's always possible that Watkins could finally become that deep-threat guy we've been missing since Copeland left. Whereas at MLB we really have nothing. Neither Ellis nor Mackey has impressed. Our ability to stop the run has been in decline since Kevin Johnson's peak years.

I agree that safety is an issue. I'm really not sold on Proulx. Not saying he can't do it, but he hasn't proven anything yet and seems to be injury-prone besides.