Rob Bagg

Kudos to you Rob Bagg. Huge amount of respect and some team will get a gem for leadership

Very tough to see Rob Bagg go. Thanks Rob for everything you've done for this club.

Rob Bagg has been a staple in Rider Nation. But I have to credit Chris Jones, for making room for the next guy.
Rob will catch on with another team once the injuries start.

Again not happy with this cut, but Jones never really made use of him, wish you all the best Rob, a class act all the way!

Gonna miss him in the green & white but have to acknowledge that Jones seems to know the shelf life of his players. If Bagg catches on elsewhere and lights it up then I guess we can say Jones misread the situation but right now - it think the time had come for this tough decision. As someone mentioned earlier, Bagg will very likely get phone calls once injuries in the CFL start to occur.

I'm surprised that no other club has grabbed Rob Bagg yet.


He has had offers. Choosing not to make rash decisions

Understandable. I had several offers on Jarvis Street yesterday night but I too chose not to make any rash decisions.


Injuries haven't began piling up yet on teams. He's certain to get some offers based on other teams injuries alone.

How is his ankle doing? I had heard that Bagg missed 2nd half of training camp because he hid and played thru a bad ankle sprain on day 3 which then caught up to him after week 1. That's a very concerning thing if true:

  1. Age reveals itself even in a super athlete like Rob Bagg (physical issue)
  2. Player downplays or hides it and tries to force his body beyond where it can go (psychological issue)

Both the above are ticks against a player.