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I hear Foley once played 3 days after open heart surgery and apparently Argo fans have been known to show up to watch practices hours after their lobotomy. Unfortunately none can find the stadium on game day.

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Here's the link and article

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Funniest thing I've read in a while! LOL

Back in 2009 Foley played four days after having surgery to put two screws into a broken thumb. Did Sherritt even have any screws inserted or was it just surgery to set the thumb?

The surgery repairs it, and the cast protects/immobilizes it. Do you really think the thumb is going to "re-break" when it's casted?

How about some facts Einstein:

  1. I don't have a clue what the extent of the injury is but it is severe enough that the doctors won't let him play, that is good enough for me.

  2. You don't have a clue what the extent of the injury is but you keep running your mouth. You can't compare extents of injury because you haven't go a clue what part of the thumb was injured the extent of the damage, the extent of the surgery.

  3. It is far easier for a defensive end to play with a cast than it is for an inside linebacker. If you had the slightest clue about football you would know that but like medicine, you have no clue.

  4. Sherritt is far more valuable player than Foley and thus the Eskimos have a more valuable commodity to protect. Again if you had any knowledge about football you would realize that.

  5. Anybody that would cast dispersions about somebody's character while not having a clue what they are talking about is simply not the type of person I want on my team, if I were the Argonauts I would sue to stop you from using their logo.

Thanks for the "facts", LOL.

Please provide a source for your assertion that "doctors won't let him play". Because I've seen ZERO reports indicating doctors have forbidden Sherritt from playing with a cast on. No mention of how "serious or life threatening" Sherritt's broken thumb is, or how complicated the surgery was. Just a vague reference to a "time line" - - WTF is that? A "time line" until the thumb is completely healed? A "time line" until he can play with a cast on it?

LBs play with their hands casted all the time. Patrick Willis has had his hand broken three times and played with it casted each time. Are you going to try and tell everyone that it's much easier to play LB with a cast in the NFL than it is in the CFL?

The MLB should be the leader and the heart of the defence. What kind of a leader sits out with a broken thumb? I can just imagine Danny Kepley telling the Eskimos he was going to take six weeks off because he broke his thumb. LOL. That's why Kepley has SIX rings as a player and Sherritt has ZERO.

A broken thumb. Come on, let's get back to reality here. It's not a spinal injury. It's not an internal organ injury. It's a thumb. If you're a winner you cast it up and play. If you're a puss, you bail on your team and take six weeks off.

I played an entire season as a receiver (did mostly blocking but did catch some passes and 2 for td's) with a broken scaphoid in my wrist with a "cast" I made sure wasn't much of a cast, just told the docs who had to replace it and didn't want me to play that I kept getting it wet in the shower. :smiley: Remember though the scaphoid doesn't have a lot of innervation to it so even if it's broken, it doesn't hurt that much. Sort of like a mild to medium sprained wrist.

All the best to Rob though, I really like this guy as a receiver.

And I just read Neil Young cancelled a Hamilton area concert because of an injury to the guitarist's hand and people aren't getting any where near a full refund. Yikes. :o

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Ok read the story if you can.

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Broken thumb at the joint which having broken a joint I can tell you is far worse than breaking a bone. Played the remainder of the game with it taped, yup that sounds like a puss to me.

For all I know your superhuman Mr. Foley may have had a greenstick fracture which compared to a joint fracture is a walk in the park. Do you have any sources to prove that he had exactly the same injury?

You yourself have said you have seen "zero" reports yet somehow you can make moronic pronouncements about something you have zero information on.

You're spewing more misinformation. Go back and read my comment again. I've seen ZERO reports indicating doctors have forbidden Sherritt from playing with a cast on. Apparently neither have you. No sure what that article was supposed to be in aid of, but as I said there's absolutely ZERO in it saying Sherritt can't play with it casted up.

The only comment in your article was that "doctors decided he’d be risking further, long-term damage if he didn’t have it surgically repaired." So he had it surgically repaired. And it's casted. Tell me again how Sherritt's "risking his future" by playing with a cast on?

Yo 51 if you break a joint you've most likely done some sort of ligament damage. They kinda keep all your joints in place and stop them from dislocating. Before you attack me:THIS IS AN ASSUMPTION but so is that the sky is blue. Lay off Sherritt.
Btw I've played this game and seen A LOT of injuries and xrays not to mention have a friend in the medical field.

I am not spewing anything, I am just exposing that you don't have a clue about anything you are talking about. I don't care if Foley would have played with a broken neck, all that makes him is a fool. Come back when you have a clue about injuries and about football.

Even if the decision not to play is Sherritt's I applaud him for having the brains to not play hurt. I played a high level of contact sports and as a 60 year old with extreme arthritis from "playing hurt", there isn't a day that I am not in pain. If Sherritt or any other player makes an intelligent decision that can extend his career and improve his quality of life, I would rather have smart players on my team than somebody who makes bad decisions. Playing with injuries is not tough it is stupid.

I grew up in an era when if you didn't play with pain you didn't play and I have seen lots of guys who have paid the price. Look at the guys with concussions who played through the symptoms just cause the weren't a wuss. I will guarantee a guy like Angelo Mosca wouldn't be in a wheelchair if his body wasn't mangled from "playing with pain". Go ahead and call him a puss.

pins are extremely unlikely to cause nerve damage...speaking from experience. I have no idea on what his surgery was, but if it involved an incision it is not comparable. If the doctor clears you, you play...if he doesn't, you don't. I'll take a doctor's opinion over this jackassery.

It was also his thumb, which is pretty tough to cast in a manner safe to play in, as thumbs are casted exposing them to big impacts and shocks

So we should assume then that you have seen medical clearance for him?

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"e’s not even discussing the time frame the doctors gave him (6 weeks) because it’s too pessimistic for his taste. Sherrit is going instead with his own prediction: three weeks."

Except JC Superstar has a broken thumb - - not a concussion. Sherritt has also refused to play with a broken finger, so laying down with a thumb injury should be no surprise.

Of course a warrior like Mosca would never have sat out with a broken thumb. That's why Mosca has five Grey Cup rings and Sherritt has ZERO. One's a champion, one's a puss. You need me to tell you who's who?

LMAO! Is 51 for real??? I'm sure the fact that Sherritt has only been in the league for 2-3 seasons and on a rebuilding Esks team has nothing to do with him not having any rings. It's all about his pain tolerance. I forgot this was UFC!


I figure if somebody is so intent on being an idiot, might as well let them. Can't argue with a fool.

JC Superstar’s been in the CFL for three seasons now. Mosca won his first championship in his third season - - on a team that hadn’t been in the Grey Cup for nine years and was coming off an 8-6 season which preceded a 6-8 season. Ottawa sure wasn’t anything close to a powerhouse when Mosca joined the team.

It’s more than just pain tolerance - - it’s about leading by example.

Yours is the most profoundly ignorant argument I have ever seen on this site. Congratulations. Once again Sherritt finished the game with the broken digit, hardly not leading by example. Don't understand what it is that makes you hate him so much that you would make defamatory comments without a shred of evidence to back up your claims. What ever it is I feel sad for you. I just don't understand hatred. Yours is a sad and pathetic argument.