Rob Bagg

Damn that was heartbreaking to watch. I really hope this isn't the end of his career, the guy has fought so hard to come back.

It is, and he knows it. That's what is so damn heartbreaking.

That was hard to watch. Sure hope its not what it looks like.

I hope it's not the knee. If it is, it's pretty much time to retire. 3 knee injuries in 3 years would be devastating.

Hate to see someone who has worked so hard have to leave the game they love due to injury. Hope this is not a serious as it seems.


Agree heartily with all the comments above about Rob - he's worked so hard to come back to top form, it is tough to see him hurt like this. Truly hope it is not serious enough to keep him from playing.

perhaps you guys should go on twitter and find the video that was put out TODAY by Kory Sheets...

Rob Bagg running at FULL speed on the stairs at the stadium today...


Yup...with Tbrack beside him and a few guys on the sideline cheering him on.

The true test will be in practice seeing if he can make a cut. Running...not so bad, but obviously a good sign. IMO this is him saying F it...let's see what I can do...push it because if it is shot, that is it.

His heart is out of this world.

Yeah Bagg is a great player but according to the bar set by a certain Argo fan, he is a wimp for not finishing the game. Tough players need to play hurt. Foley would have found a way to play without a lung. :cowboy:

Wow way to go Rob!!! If he wasn't comeback player of the year before he is now!!

:rockin: :rockin:

There's a true pro player, giving it his all to come back and not make millions like in other leagues. Sadly some will say because of that he's a dumbie. In my books, it makes a guy like this no. 1 and committed to being his best all the way. :thup:

Hoping for the best Rob.

Many people echoed similar things about Nodar Kumaritashvili and others in the sport.
My response...there is nothing more that I could personally ask for than to meet my maker doing something I am passionate to the core about.


Thanks gingersnaps

Damn...I think that name's gonna stick, isn't it...?

uh hu

Good luck to him, I hope he can come back from it.

Rob Bagg running stadiums less than 48hrs after most were certain he'd shredded his knee and would never play football again.

JC Sherritt not willing to play with a cast on a broken thumb and apparently needs four to six weeks off for it.

Can you guess which team is 6-1 and which team is 1-6?

geeze man, it is not simply a cast...he had surgery. Grow some common sense on this one already...or are you honestly naive enough to see broken and surgery as the same thing?

If Bagg was running around stadiums in less than 48 hours, then his knee was not "shredded", nor was the injury a serious one.

I suppose you also believe QB Matt Nichols to be a wuss for not shaking off the torn ACL and playing the next game?

No need for surgery and rehab, right? He needs to toughen up, right?