Rob Bagg Released

Rob Bagg, a National is available. Maybe the Cats will look at brining him in to replace Chambers?

I heard that while listening to the 1150 post game show and Ferguson wondered whether that might be a possibility. Bagg is from Kingston so could play much closer to home should the Ticats choose to go that route but I’m not going to hold my breath. Jones has repeatedly said how much he likes the national receivers that he already has and of course they are probably all making less than a player like Bagg might command.

Rob Bagg, Bakari Grant, Chad Owens, released.

Nostalgia makes me want the team to sign BG. Still one of the classiest things I have ever seen was when he hung on to the first TD pass ball at THF and ran it back to the bench, not to put in his gym bag, but to hand it to Bob. I saw it live and it gave me a chill up my spine.

Unfortunately since we are currently stacked at receiver this will never happen.


8)Apparently Regina talked to a few teams about trading for Bakari. No takers however.

One of those teams was Hamilton !!

I would think that Bakari’s value on the open market would be at least as high as McDaniel’s.

Always an average, only occaisonally above average receiver.

I know were stacked at receiver but I would keep Terrance Toliver, Brandon Banks, Jalen Saunders, Luke Tasker, Damarr Aultman, Felix Faubert Lussier and add Rob Bagg who could replace Shamawd Chambers or Mark Chapman. We could bring in Bakari Grant and release one of our other internationals. We do know what Bakari grant would immediately bring to Hamilton where some of the other internationals havent proven anything and could be a risk. Just saying

I’d say that Wilkerson and possibly R Lawrence have a better chance of hanging around than bringing back a retread like Grant. Could be one or two others as well.
I liked Grant when he was here and there’s no doubt he is a good blocker but he can be inconsistent as a receiver so I really can’t see him coming back unless there’s a rash of injuries later in the year and they need to airlift in replacements as they had to a couple of years ago.

I will take anyone over Mike Jones

Bakari Grant is only average and his best days are long behind him. Good guy but not needed here. Never stood out amongst the better receivers in the CFL. Nostalgia doesn’t earn you a job.