Roast (rate) the moderators

Edmonton, Calgary & Winnipeg are on their bye week, one third of the CFL's teams and fans will have extra time on their hands. For the next 2 weeks (unless the Mod's lock it down) let's roast (rate) the moderators.

we have 5 moderators. All of which have varied personalities

Keep your comments clean, respectful & truthful (no kissing up)

Open for all to engage, including the the moderators and admin.

Remember it's all in fun.






seriously?....taking O/U bets on the survivability of this lasting here is 5 min.
It is 9;20 now PDT

What are you willing to wager? :wink:

Let me get it going.

Used car salesperson, enjoys getting involved with people, but will add a bunch of extra fees

Title fee.
License fee.
Documentation fee.
Compliance fee.
Emissions testing fee.

godfather personally, friendly & chatty, but step out of line you may find the Stamp's mascots head in your bed

guelphcatsfan & PrairieRouge,
kind of reminds of politicians, you don't see or hear much until election years.

Captain (not Cap'n) of a cruise ship, engaged with everyone but when necessary takes firm control of the bridge, navigates the rough waters.

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Red and white: I was part of the madjack debacle with him and it was pretty eye opening.-D
d&p: seems to be protective of his old boy buddies.-C
Dave: I think he is good. -A
The others I have not noticed.

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Sooo.... That over/under thang would be over. :laughing:

Okay. First let's gather lots of compromising surveillance video on ALL of the moderators. Second... let's get totally drunk out of our collective minds and start typing. This is going to be fun. :smiley: :+1:

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Your Astro Zeneca is showing :joy_cat:

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No this is interesting. Lets stay on topic in hopes it does not get locked.

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Rules are
Keep it clean, respectful & truthful

They all have a great sense of humor and a little callous in their lives.

I'm the new guy.

I don't really know these moderators WeGotTheCup... which one of them is the 'cross dresser' again? I can totally make fun of THAT moderator. Not sure I should poke fun at the one who was born with butt cheeks where his face should be. You warned me about him. Gotta tread lightly here.

Not sure I agree with your assessment that they're ALL completely insane. I'll bet at least one of them is medicated. :thinking:

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This thread is pointless. Most of the mods here don't give a damn about any criticism whatsoever.

I can't remember ever seeing the one called Prairie Rouge ever posting on these forums .

…good, her cover is working


Don't tell me she's actually working undercover as EZ_Football in cognito ! :dizzy_face:

She used to go by JM02

Johnny Manziel 02 ? :thinking:

Before your time I guess

LOL. If you follow anyone around and troll them, you'll hear from me. You happen to do that a lot to Hfx, so I step in.

But I've also stepped in to tell Hfx not to be an ass to other users.

My end goal is to make everyone hate me equally. :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps . I've been off and on these forums since around the 2005-06 period under a few different names and variations of . I have been on here steady though since 2013 under first bobo8224 and then just bobo82 after the format change . I do recall both names but don't really recall them as being very active as opposed to other moderators throughout the years .