Long time lurker, registered an account after reading your posts just to gloat when BC loses this game. Lets hope this doesnt blow up in my face lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. not a Rider fan, but I do hope its them and Winnipeg in the Grey Cup.

I'm flattered, I truly am.

P.S., I'll remember you when the Lions win the Grey Cup (again I might add. We won it last year).

thanks for the history lesson.... in every second post. :wink:

I’ll remind you when DJ Flick just made a huge catch.

Respond to my post in the other thread, k?

what a warrior, injures himself, shakes it off and gets back into the game.



He's effing back!!! WOOOOH

lol backfired!!
good game!

Wrong! :smiley:

Never bet on the riders

I will be making a thread later tonight about this game. Stay tuned...

Can't wait!

redwhite, did you love watching the Rider faithful cry at Mosaic half as much as I did?

Absolutely loved it. 2-0 in Sask this season. It's really a shame that was our last game there this year, or probably the last game there with any meaning.

But yes, I will be making a thread later. All of you just stay tuned, it'll be worth it.



I'm giddy with anticipation!!! :smiley:

I happen to like Roar..Sambo.
Both you guys bring color...
To the good old
Your teams $uck..and you know it..
Go Bombers.....

Redwhine05 you should me more concerned about your own team than the Riders…How many games will Smilin Banks Miss?

Nice first post mpdid. I welcome you to the threads with open arms.

Really bugged you on that one Dentor but my statment is true. If a guy put bets on the riders since the 1990 season you would have lost lots of money. I am concerned for my team but it is doen with I can only hope that with out our star Hank that the team could play respectfully. They win that is ok and if they lose I will accept that. No need to cry like some of you are doing. Dentor you of all posters should know that do not let a loss get you down.

Wow RLR your very own thread.

It's true!! I did that last weekend with the only other person on this island who cares about the CFL even a little and had to wear an "I love the Stamps!!" sign on my chest all week at school. It was terrible.... but on the bright side, I got to educate a bunch of Americans on the greatness that is the CFL whenever they asked me why I was so fond of Stamps =)

Go Riders!!