Can Buck feel his arm today????

Looked like he was in a little pain.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

He's got a month to heal up tho.... besides, Buono's probably going to go with Dickenson on the 12th

.....a little?....he was crunched right in front of our section and when he got up he immediately grabbed his arm and shook his head from side to side....I told my son, that's it for Buck, JJ will be in on the next set of downs and sure 'nuf that's what happened.....message sent, don't get too comfy back there BP, you might pay for it....

....pfft, Dickenson, might as well have a Swarkovski figurine out there....pretty to look at, stunning to behold, don't touch it though it will break....

yeah, but he has made it through the odd game in the past couple years… sure, not many, but…

Should I feel bad for not knowing what a swarkovski figurine is? Short of the obvious figurine implication I mean…

...swarovski is one of the finer crystal manufacturers on the planet.....


I hope Dickenson doesnt come back, i like the
guy and he's going to get hurt. You dont
mess with the head.

I'd rather keep DD for the GC, with BP backing him up.

....definately gives Dave more time to heal, but man it doesn't sound good....the radio here yesterday said these are the things Dave can't do:

a) Drive at night,
b) Watch any TV,
c) Watch any films or videos,
d) Break dance, especially not that head spinning stuff maybe d) is no big deal but how does a QB prepare when your doctor says you are verboten to watch game film? 'lo said, don't mess with the head, look at Ali as an extreme example, Dunnigan as a moderate example....

As good of a QB Dickenson is this seems way to much like 2004 and he is going to be rusty come playoffs. I'm not sure how severe Buck Pierces arm was hurt, but he looked to be in pain for the last few games.

Has Buck Pierce ever played in cold and snowy conditions?

DD was at the WRSS Titan's (my son plays Midget (16-18 )) practice last Tuesday, throwing balls to the receiving corps of a couple of the divisions, and he drove himself home that night as well, so I don't see where your radio guys got their info.

...from the BC Lions press clippings and Wally's interviews I would imagine.....there is a difference between being told to not do something and doing it anyway....

His doctor must be from Calgary

...if that were the case then he would be told to hang up his helmet for good....

They media guys are predicting Dickenson will play against Hamilton.

I offered to play! 8) 8) 8) I figured I could throw a couple TD's against Hamilton, :lol: :lol: but, once again Wally is ignoring my phone calls when I come up with ideas for the team! :roll: :roll:

Never under estimate a wounded animal. The Tiger cats are just that. They are playing for next years jobs and BC just might get spanked!

It's funny how everyone's trying to trash the Lions after we lost by a mere touchdown to Calgary's first stringers yesterday. What a joke. Calgary thinks they've solved us! LOL. Honestly, who cares who won yesterday, or the next few weeks for that matter. We earned the bye and I'm not even so sure Calgary will get past Sask. BC is the class of the league, and just because we narrowly lost a meaningless game for us, who the F cares. We showed how good we are when it's on the line. If I were Calgary right now I'd be crapping my pants and calling my mom.

....who cares who won last week?....that was then, this is now......and yes, our first stringers beat your first stringers who showed up with no heart to play, Buono is worried, he even said it, 'too many passengers'.....your starting QB was pummeled, Geroy was ineffective, your D was soft....gonna be tough to win anything with Jarius Jackson calling the shots....history appears to be repeating itself....