Roar by the Shore a Windfall

No one needs to feel sorry for Braley- the BC Lions or the CFL - the less then 4,000 tickets left - is a big deal for some media especially from Rogers side of the planet - that means there is over 50,000 tickets sold - plus all 50 plus luxury suites and all the higher priced club seats and seats have been gone for months . With an average ticket price of minimum 300$ there is over - 15,000,000 in ticket sales - over 1,000,000 in luxury suites - sponsorship each year is estimated between 3,000,000 and 5,000.000 though no one really tells us how large that number can go -sold tickets to all the events pay for all those expenses plus add revenue into hosting team- with The grey cup cost to the CFL head office being in and around a low ball figure of 4,400,000 - there is millions and millions going In to the purse of David Braley . It is a windfall !!!- the 2012 grey cup was possibly even greater - the estimates there were 10$ million profit - the reason why the Argos were so quiet on those reports is that they may have recouped even more - sponsorship was even greater for the 100th grey cup .
This is a great grey cup - we are looking at a sell out - or very close - wow over 50,500 tickets already snapped up - the events kicks Into full gear starting today - let's enjoy - celebrate - and plan for a bigger and better CFL to come .