Road Warriors

Home field advantage does not exist in the CFL this season. Only 3 home teams came away happy. Ottawa's tie felt like a loss, because of the worst drop in football history. My g-ma could have caught that, and she has been dead for 30 years.
Anyways, is this just a sheer fluke, or is there a reason? Crappy crowds cant cheer as loud, but there must be more to it than that.

3 -13-1

I don't know that there's necessarily an explanation for this. the schedule has been imbalanced in terms of distributions. Ottawa had 4 of 5 on the road, now will play 4 straight at home. Hamilton will be on the road a whole lot in the coming weeks, right around the time Collaros is due to come back, but struggled at home with Massoli.

I think it's just a fluke, really. It happened between weeks 7 to 10, it might even be all that noticeable but at the beginning of the season this kind of thing is a bit magnified.



Look at Ottawa's schedule - they have played 5 games this season but only 1 home game. Their East rivals Als & Argos have already played 3 home games each. I'm sure that Ottawa is pretty happy that with 4 away games in the first 6 weeks that they only have 1 loss and that was on the road with a 3rd string QB.

Look at Edmonton, they have played 5 games so far this season and 4 of them at home. You are expected to win home games.

For the first time this season. Two wins in a row for the home team. 7-15-1

The sky is falling bungle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!