Road Trip??

Now that the schedule is out, how's the road trip planning coming along?? :smiley:

Is that an offer I can't refuse? (Sorry. Couldn't help myself with that one.)

My only You're a bad boy Gerry.

I hope you don't say that to all the boys.


Road trip? Does that mean we have to watch this team play in another team's barn?

I don't think I could take the embarrassment.

Welcome back AMG. I've missed your posts. It's going to be a better year. I can feel it. lol

I hope you're right but I share none of your optimism.

I agree. It will be a much better year for sure.

Two possible dates for Montreal...

aug 25 @7:00 back in Aldershot @5:30 :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Thanksgiving Monday, Oct 8.. Fall Game in Montreal..
Beautifal Train ride in the fall.. and home by 12:00 midnight.

Is there any discussion??


Raod trip? The only one i would make is to Saskatchewan, even then i dunno if i wanna see them play the Cats. lol

Just at a quick glance, a well balanced schedule, but that's what we had last year... Wnnipeg or Sask aren't going to fold are they???? :smiley: :lol: :smiley:

June 2 for the medicals at training camp?


Well if it's Thanksgiving I may need to come down with the flu. I don't have it off yet. Damn Americans celebrating it in November. :smiley:

Why not Winnipeg This Year..
It cost More ..BUT
We get at least 2 days there..
I'd like to see Other CFL Cities

Montreal is great
I would love to go back.
But Thanksgiving no Thanks
If they Do Decide on Montreal
aug 25 @7:00 is the best since We got Ripped
for home games in that month

Please Make it an Over Night Trip..
It easier on the us
Go up team Come back with Team..

Nice....our first pre-season game is on my birthday.. I have two excuses to have a great time that day.


edit:....I think I posted this is the wrong thread.....should have been in the "schedule" thread......oh well... :lol:

I'm too lazy to move it now... :wink:

Zontar..where are you? :wink: