Road Trip to the Peg!

tomorrow the wife and i leave london ontario on a 20+ hour road trip out to Winnipeg to spend a week there... but mostly to take in friday's game at IGF.

we are driving through michigan, wisconsin and minnesota to get to Manitoba.

the wife and i plan on visiting assiniboine park/zoo, royal canadian mint, st.boniface, the forks and possibly take in a bison safari during our time there.

i love road trips, but this will be the longest one with the wife. hopefully we don't kill eachother. haha.

i'm going to shoot a video tour of IGF and hopefully post on the forum when we get home, if its not too much trouble to do so. this should give everyone here a detailed look at the exterior, concourse, bomber shop, etc. IGF is the newest and possibly the best in the league - and part of the major improvement of stadiums across the nation - and something all us CFL fans should be proud of, and i'd like to share this experience with you. i figure i can take pictures too, incase uploading the video to this site is too much headache.

perhaps, we can eventually get a whole section for fan video tours so we can all get an inside look into some of the places we see on tv, but never see more of than just the fields and stands.

we also just booked a trip out to montreal to take in a game in september and also spend some time in ottawa while we're in the area. perhaps i can go check out the construction progress at lansdowne while im there.

this is the summer of George...i mean, Drummer!

This is a great idea! I would love to see a video tour of every stadium in the league. It would be interesting to see the concourses and other details that are never captured on TV! Looking forward to the video.

A real hero would go the All Canada route... nothing like sittin' on the side of the highway in say, Nipigon, whatching the world go by...

to go all-canada, we'd have to backtrack a couple hours east to toronto, go north on the 400, then west again on the trans-canada highway. it's a waste of time to do that when we're starting in London. it adds atleast 4 hours to the journey sticking within Canada. add to that, the drive home, and we've added 8 hours total or more.

i did a road trip to BC before and went that way. super long.

also, any pit-stops for gas in the states saves us money.

Drummer you can go up 21 through Goderich, Tobermory, Manitoulin Island. Great drive only adds 4/5 hours but beautiful country. Do the US route on the way back. Plus you'll have to factor in going through Chicago which may add an additional 1/2 hours.

have fun.

I envy you Drummer and I was going to tell you what Ugo said. Go straight north to the Chee-Chi-Maun ferry in Tobermory and cut off the excess driving. Book your ferry trip ahead of time and maybe spend some time before touring the town. It's nice ! North of Superior is a very scenic drive, better than your US route, IMO. Have fun. Bon voyage !

We're not going through Chicago. We are going north through Michigan then west through Wisconsin and through Minnesota. This way, we are always going north or west and never south or east.

Thanks. I'm sure we'll have a great time exploring this great country of ours!
My previous road trip to BC, i drove through winnipeg, but didn't stop to check it out.

When I drove to Ontario a few yrs back, it took me 9 hrs to drive from T-Bay to Sault St. Marie... then I drove another 3 hrs to get to Sudbury. The next time I went to Ontario, I flew for the the first time.... I will say Winnipeg is a beautiful city, with lots to do and see... the only better time to go would be when both the Jets and Bombers playing...

Just checked into our hotel. Can't wait to explore the peg. W00t w00t!

lotta good people in wpg, but IMO after living there for 15 yrs, there is not much to see, do, or experience. :wink:

You could always head out to the farms and do some bailing. Loved it myself.

Go to Grand Beach tomorrow, one of the best beaches in Canada ! Tavern united roof top will be a nice place for a cocktail if so inclined. It's downtown by the MTS center.

Some of us are envious dg, drive carefully.
Now with the new stadium this visit is also a must for me.
We will wait for your reports and photos.

Sounds awesome DG.

Our zoo is undergoing some major construction that is going to be epic when finished but has unfortunately diminished it in the short term. A lot of animals (like most of the monkeys) are no longer accessible for viewing and the entire center of the zoo is one big construction zone. Still worth checking out though!

I recommend the King's Head Pub for great eats, drinks and atmosphere. Also the Winnipeg Fringe Festival has just started, so you may want to look into that if you have time. It rivals Edmonton for the world's second largest Fringe Festival after the one in Edinburgh.

Anyway, I hope you have a great time and enjoy the city and the game on Friday. Cheers!

2/3 hours from some of the best cottage country around. And a winter wonderland.

The US route will definitely save you a lot of money, gas at 90 cents to a dollar a litre compared to Northern Ontario prices at 1.40 a litre. Food, lodging, booze cheaper on the US route.
We rented a car here in Spain where gas is 1.40€ a liter!, that's $2 a liter!, and road tolls in France that make the 407 look cheap.

Just out of curiousity Drummer?? But who are ya going to be rooting for in the game?....the BB's or the Double B's.

Double blue. Got to represent southern Ontario. The plan was to come here to see either the cats or argos, depending on who was playing here in June or July. Was thinking about driving to Regina to catch the cats game this weekend too, but was told it's another 6 hours. We've already spent enough time in the wife's car. Lol

I'm looking forward to stepping on a bus full of bomber fans wearing double blue. Should be funny.

So far, winnipeg seems like a great city. Lots of interesting things around, and we've only scratched the surface of our stay here.
We ate at the clay oven last night. For those who haven't been, it's inside the baseball park, and the patio overlooks the diamond. Too bad the goldeyes don't play a home game until after we leave. We spent the evening walking around the forks. Very chilling place.

Sadly, it's raining here today. Was going to go to the zoo, but that will have to wait until a sunny day. Now we have to find something to do indoors. Perhaps a mall or the mint or something.

Nice pics,didn't realize Winnipeg had a baseball team,what league are they affiliated with? looks like a nice park.

American association of baseball. They are the only Canadian team and are the current champions.
They play at shaw park. Very new looking and classic ballpark with mostly brick exterior. It's right along a river, and a bridge can be seen above left field with trains often going by. Very neat atmosphere, and there wasn't even a game going in when we were there.