Road Trip to Edmonton

Hamilton Season ticket holder... visiting Commonwealth for the first time Friday to see the battle of the 5-8 teams.
After providing some advice to an Eskimo fan who visited the Hammer two weeks ago on this forum, I thought I'd ask the same questions:
Best place to park?
Best place to eat?
Pre and post game spots?

Best place to park? Put your car right in Tillman's butt if it's already full look up a park n ride schedule, either official of from many pubs etc. -Boston Pizza has buses going -Do not drive to the stadium.

Best place to eat? I'm partial to the Sugar Bowl near the U of A excellent menu,food, atmosphere etc.

Pre and post game spots? I live a ways out of town and I'm old, no idea where people go after the games.


Good comment here/post by sean mac 26; click on the view topic above.
On that note; enter thru gate 6 or gate 2 on the West side of Commonwealth, go early and thus you won't be dissapointed.

Thanks for the tips.
See you at the game (We're in Section P).

So much depends on where you are staying and what your entertainment likes are. If your hotel is near the LRT, I would recommend that over parking at the stadium, particularly if you indulge at all. There are several nice casinos in Edmonton if that interests you. Again depending on where your staying, there are great choices in sports bars in every part of the city. Edmonton also has great choices with regard to a wide variety of ethnic food.

Possible locations to try out. Whyte Ave. in the Strathcona area has some interesting trendy spots and is near the Cook County Saloon in you are into C&W (and who isn't). West Ed. has great shopping if you are into that (some people are I guess) and lots of restaraunts.