Road Trip to Edmonton

Four of us are heading out West to see the game on Friday night.
Any Cats fans heading out? Where's the best spot to go pre-game or post game?
First time at Commonwealth so any tips would certainly be appreciated...

go to the stadium early, the LRT will be packed (there's no parking surrounding Commonwealth).

where are you staying?

Was at commomwealth in August, no problem finding parking and traffic was heavy but leave early and find a lounge close by!

Hi Guys I live in Edmonton and I would recommend End Zone on 86 Street and 112 ave but get there early because its right across the stadium or check out some resturants that has a eat and ride to the game like boston pizzia and also your football ticket is the fare to the bus or LRT


here's some info on LRT, bus service, parking and co-operating restaurants

Thanks for the help!
Staying downtown so the LRT it will be...