Road Trip '08 - McMahon Stadium!

I've been thinking of roping my friend (another Esks fan, and the guy with the vehicle) into a road trip down to Calgary for one of the Esks away games at McMahon. Either some point in the summer, or LD if the schedule is weird and doesn't have an Esks-Stamps matchup before then.

Given how popular the battle of Alberta is, how soon would I want to be ordering tickets to such a game when tickets for the Stamps' 08 season go on sale, in order to get whatever is considered 'decent' seating there?

I was thinking of doing the same thing. Actually, it was supposed to happen this season, but some things came up. But I have family in Calgary, and I'd love to catch a Stamps/Esks game.

...first of all, great idea, you should have fun...many people have said coming here for a game is a fun event as visiting fans are treated well....Sportsman, Madjack, roughy and others have made trips here to watch a game (in their rival colours) and enjoyed the experience....

...McMahon is quite a bit smaller than Commonwealth, so even a seat up in one of the corners will not seem that far from the field, so any seat basically is fairly 'decent'....any white zone ticket is a bench type seat, any coloured zone ticket is an actual seat (back/armrests)...

....I don't know the exact date tics will go on sale, but the stamps website will say for sure...if you are considering the LDC I would check with the eskimo front office on group packages, or one of edmonton's sports pubs who might offer a package including tickets/transport/beverages/etc....there are literally dozens of buses that come down from edmonton that morning and then head back that evening....and your can party like there's no tomorrow as the driving is being done by someone else....

...keep checking back here for more updates, and I hope you can make it, the LCD is a blast!....tailgating, bands, CF18 flyby, good old rivalry football, packed stadium, etc....

And remember do not streak! I have no idea if it is the color green that causes those fans to remove their cloths. Could it be the shame of losing to the Stamps?

And find out where Red & White has his tailgate party! :wink: :wink:

Seriously, the atmosphere (four years ago)was great. Good fans, good sightlines, good food at the concessions. As for tickets, I was fortunate to have acquaintances able to grab me tickets early. Can't help you there.

The responses are much appreciated:


I'll have my colours on, bring my flag as well.

An 'actual seat' does appeal to me, i haven't sat on one of the benches at Commonwealth in years, but I never remember it being as comfortable. Thinking about time, LDC might just be better than a july or august evening, can get home to edmonton at a much earlier hour.

Of course, the issue of getting seats comes up more with LD. It might be coolest to bookend the LDC and rematch personally, since i'm already in my assigned chair for the latter. My friend isn't much for a drinker, so we wouldn't have need of joining a bus group. Actually, i've never drank at Commonwealth eiher, but I do 'stuff my face' since the food is good.

rw2005: Apart from a bit of muttered criticism on bad Eskimo plays, i'm not prone to any disruptive behavior! Streaking indeed! :stuck_out_tongue: One of the attractions of becoming a season ticket holder last year, was that i'd be moving into the lower deck, where the ranks of serious football fans increase, and the parade of ushers, police, drunks, hooligans, even stretchers! a time or two up and down the stairs occurs with less frequency.... :lol:

Sportsmen: The info about the fans, sightlines, and the food is very encouraging.

Does anyone know if they increase ticket prices for the LD game?

Yes the rider games and the labor day game.
I believe if your an eskimo seasons ticket holder this is part of your package of games.

Update: Spoke to my buddy, he's definitely interested. If I read the schedule right, excluding preseason, Labour Day is the only time the Esks travel down to Calgary. So I suppose LD must be the day to go.

Esks are in Calgary the following dates:

Friday, June 13 (pre-season)
Monday, Sept 1 (Labour Day Clash)

I suggest getting your Labour Day tickets at least a few weeks in advance. The Labour Day game and usually the Saskatchewan games are premium priced. A lot of Calgary pubs and some restaurants (Boston Pizza, Hooters) usually have package deals to every game too which include some food & beer, bus to/from McMahon stadium & a game ticket. Sport Chek and Safeway also have their own discount tickets and sections.

As one of the ones who has visited Calgary to take in a game, I second much of what has been said here.

You will meet very friendly, decent people who make the experience special.