Road to the Show Part 2

Part 2 of's documentary on John Surla is now posted at the League's website:

Part 2 covers from draft day to Surla's first pre-season game. If you missed Part 1 which covered E-camp, here's the link to that:

I like the kid. Any kid who will tell his grandma she's beautiful is awesome in my books. :thup:

John Jusling's father should read and learn. :wink:

Ok, the guy is an idiot, what can I say. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a great idea by the CFL and
I really like John Surla, he's just a football player. Not the most skilled, athletic, fastest or biggest but seems to really love the game. Wish him luck.

I watch a lot of CIS football. Surla has what others don't have and you can't coach into to someone-HEART. If he doesn't make in pro football, then there's something wrong with this league, not John Surla !!!

... A lot of heart and a motor that doesn't quit....Pretty good desciption of Surla.....He has the versatility of being a long-snapper which keeps him in the Bombers future plans ...He's currently looking for a place to rent in the Peg...I'd say John will be around football for quite awhile :wink:

I'm happy and proud that the Bombers gave Surla a chance, Papa. How he didn't get drafted is mystifying.