Road to redemption?

Over the last three seasons, I have repeatedly called for O’Neil Wilson’s departure. I felt that guy had absolutely nothing to bring to this team.

This pas Saturday, I’ve got to say Wilson was the only guy in our offensive unit who got me cheering. He was really there on every play, trying to make the most out of it. It seemed to me he was the only guy playing with heart on each down, even when that game was clearly lost.

Thums up to Wilson.

Is he on the road to redemption, or was that a one-night flash of brilliance? Time will tell.

But as for now, I am willing to eat my words back and give Wilson all of my support. If he can keep playing like he did last weekend, I will be the first to say he deserves his spot in the starting lineup.

As it is now, we need hungry guys. Guys who give it all they have. If Wilson is such a guy, let him play and throw him the ball often.

I agree. Yet, it seems like he was still getting s**t on during the game. Did you watch it on TSN? Petersen kept going about how Wilson caught that red-zone pass two yards short of the first down. Cripes! He made a diving reception of a crappy pass. If he had stayed two yards back, he never would have made the catch in the first place.
As well, he was taken to task for not coming back to the ball when it was picked off and returned for a touchdown. He didn’t have a chance. He was surrounded by Argos and Calvillo should never have thrown the ball in the first place.
The Als offence, as a whole, stunk out the joint. Hopefully, the Argos didn’t just beat the crap out of the Als’ offence. I hope they beat the complacency out of them, as well.