Road Record

The Cats road record with Marcel as coach has been horrible. The cats are 7 - 17 on the road and have only beaten 3 teams BC 3 times, Toronto 3 times and Winnipeg. When they are at home it looks like they can beat anyone but on the road they are almost always coming out real slow and sloppy.

I'm not sure what i'm getting at here but something needs to change, your record cant be this bad on the road.

A good team should win 50% of there road games and win at least 80% of their home games.

So a good team in the CFL should go about 4-5 or 5-4 on the road and go 7-2 at home.

With this logic a good team should go 11-7 or 12-6 in the CFL

We however are only winning about 25% of our games on the road and that must improve if we want to become a good team. As of now I'd say we are a mediocre team, we are nothing special but we are also not a terrible team.

Please note I used the word GOOD, not GREAT. A GREAT team should not have a problem winning anywhere.

Just my .02